Alpha is a member of the CP8 branch of Cipher Pol.

Posing as a nurse, she was responsible for overseeing and secretly keeping the young Jewelry Bonney as a hostage following the brokering of a deal between Bartholomew Kuma and the World Government to create the Pacifistas in exchange for performing life-saving treatment to cure Bonney’s Sapphire Scales affliction.


Alpha is a slim, curvaceous woman with long light-colored hair and sporting glasses and lipstick. She wears a typical nurse outfit with high stockings. Overall, she greatly resembles Kalifa.


As a Cipher Pol agent, Alpha is primarily loyal to the World Government. While she comes off as a kind and friendly individual in her nurse persona, she is in fact a cold, intimidating killer with no qualms in assassinating a child if necessary.

Alpha is generally heartless (going by her unnecessary destruction of Kuma’s letters to Bonney) and actually very sadistic and hot-blooded, being willing to brutalize Bonney and massacre her crew for tricking her and attempting to escape during her watch.

Abilities and Powers

As a member of Cipher Pol, it can be presumed Alpha is a proficient Rokushiki user. She is at least strong enough to pulverize a small rock with her fingers, but otherwise stood no chance against Bonney’s abilities.

Given Alpha’s posing as a nurse, it can be presumed she has enough medical knowledge and skills to pass herself as one. However, this is questionable given that she gave Bonney placebos instead of real medicine. Likewise, neither her medical nor acting skills were enough to deceive the citizens of Sorbet Kingdom for long, as they figured out she is a Government undercover agent.


Main article: Rokushiki

Alpha is capable of using Geppo, using it to get across the ocean when chasing the Bonney Pirates.


Three and a half years ago, Alpha went to Kuma’s church in the Sorbet Kingdom to watch over Bonney, claiming she would aid in her rehabilitation from the Sapphire Scales disease treatment until the next year. Unbeknownst to Bonney, she was actually sent per Kuma’s agreement with Saturn to ensure Bonney did not leave the World Government’s custody and that she did not maintain any contact with Kuma until his Pacifista modifications were complete. She proceeded to secure the church to prevent “suspicious individuals” from entering without identification, before Kuma left Bonney under her supervision.

For months, whenever a News Coo delivered a newspaper and a letter from Kuma, Alpha would have the newspaper brought inside the church while she tore apart every letter. Alpha would give Bonney medicine daily, although said medicine consisted of nothing more than a makeshift syrup. One day, when Bonney fought with Gyogyo, Alpha came in for a new dosage and noticed for a second that Bonney looked bigger than normal, but did not figure out the reason why thanks to Conney wisely asking the citizens to keep Bonney’s abilities a secret.

At age 9, Bonney’s Sapphire Scales disease had disappeared completely and she wished to head outside, but Alpha denied it, stating that she was supposed to stay put for one more year, contrary to Vegapunk’s estimations. After Bonney found out from Conney that Alpha was secretly a Cipher Pol agent and that her disease was already cured, she prepared to sneak out of the church and head for the port along with Gyogyo and the others, disguised as Conney. Alpha found out about the trickery and tried going after Bonney at sea, threatening to subdue her with non-lethal violence. Bonney then countered by using her Devil Fruit power to punch Alpha into the ocean.


  • Alpha’s appearance and name resemble Kalifa, a fellow Cipher Pol agent that served in CP9 and later CP0. Additionally, Kalifa’s father Laskey is also a former member of CP9, with the family noted to be a kind of “thoroughbreds”. However, any connection between Alpha and Kalifa’s family is unknown.


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