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Ankoro is a gigantic anglerfish formerly under the command of captain Vander Decken IX, residing in the Underworld of the Sea, seven thousand meters underneath the ocean surface. Wadatsumi seems to regard Ankoro as a pet, as apparently Ankoro was told “not to eat ships” before.


Ankoro is a giant grey-brown angler fish, with tiny white eyes, veiny fins, and a huge yellow light on the tip of its antennae.


When it was about to eat the Straw Hats’ ship, Ankoro was stopped by Wadatsumi. It seems Wadatsumi has a problem with Ankoro eating ships, since this would make retrieving treasure from the ship more difficult.

Abilities and Powers

It has a massive row of sharp teeth, so Ankoro is presumably ferocious and eats his prey.


Fish-Man Island Arc

It tried to eat the Straw Hat Pirates and their ship, the Thousand Sunny, but was stopped by Wadatsumi, who told it to stop eating ships.

Ankoro was later seen again when Vander Decken IX was talking to Wadatsumi about Shirahoshi. As of now, the fish’s whereabouts are unknown.


  • Its name comes from “ankō” (アンコウ?), the Japanese word for anglerfish.


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