Aruyutayan V

Aruyutayan V

Aruyutayan V was the king of Lvneel Kingdom roughly 400 years ago when Mont Blanc Noland discovered Shandora.


Aruyutayan was an old man with white shaggy, shoulder-length gray hair and a long gray beard. He has a large nose and thin, black eyebrows. He wears a large, golden crown that has a maroon cap and a purple band studded with turquoise. He also wears a purple shirt, a magenta cap with a fluffy white collar, and jewelry around his neck. In the anime, he wears a pink neckerchief instead.


Aruyutayan was a greedy and selfish king who was not above making rash decisions if it resulted in personal gains. He was ignorant to the challenges of seafaring, refusing to bring along Noland’s experienced crew in favor of his kingdom’s army, who otherwise had little experience at sea. Aruyutayan was also seemingly unfazed by losing most of his soldiers on the voyage, being driven primarily by his materialistic desires for Shandora.

When he was denied the city he so much craved for, Aruyutayan was quick to think Noland had tricked him in spite of the latter’s credibility as a hero and famous explorer. A major egocentric, Aruyutayan did not tolerate being made a fool of, using his authority as a royal to order not only Noland’s execution, but also to carry out a post-mortem smear campaign that would lead to Noland’s legacy being twisted into that of a goofy liar. Aruyutayan went as far as planting a fake witness to trick his subjects into despising the otherwise beloved Noland.

Abilities and Powers

As the king of Lvneel Kingdom, Aruyutayan had command of its soldiers and the admiral Mont Blanc Noland.



When Noland returned from his expedition, Aruyutayan was shocked to hear him proclaim that Shandora, the golden city known as “El Dorado,” was real. He and his aide quickly turned to each other with greedy expressions. Five years later, after getting permission from Mary Geoise, Aruyutayan appointed Noland as admiral of an exploration ship but ordered the explorer to use his royal soldiers instead of Noland’s normal crew. They took 2,000 soldiers and three ships on the expedition.

On their journey, a Sea King appeared before them, and Aruyutayan cried out for Noland to save him. He continued to demand Noland solve all of the issues they encountered, and Noland did everything in his power to keep their ship afloat.

On November 16, 1127, they finally arrived at Jaya after losing two ships and all but 50 soldiers, and Aruyutayan asked if this was the island Noland had been to before. They docked and set foot on the island but found that a large part of the island was gone. As Noland kneeled in disbelief, Aruyutayan struck Noland over the head, screaming at him for “deceiving” him and demanding to know where the gold he promised was.

They returned to the Lvneel Kingdom, and the king ordered Noland’s execution. To cover his embarrassment, he rejected to use Noland’s original crews to testify and used a fake crew member instead to testify that Noland was a liar, with a priest present. As Noland was about to be executed, his original crews ran to his gallows to come to his defense, but Aruyutayan ordered his soldiers to pin them down but did not order them to be killed. He watched with contempt as Noland was killed.


The Lvneel government, likely under Aruyutayan’s direction, had Liar Noland published to cover up their failed expedition and smear Noland’s name. The book portrayed Aruyutayan as a brave warrior who led the expedition and fended off the Sea King. The book spread throughout the North Blue, leaving few people with the truth of Noland’s adventures.


  • His name is possibly a pun on あると言うたやん (aru to yūta yan) “you said it was there”, referring to Shandora’s existence.


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