Asashichi is a resident of the Flower Capital who ran a soba shop with his wife.


Asashichi is a fair-skinned man of average height and build. He has a large mouth, sharp jawline, a pink nose, and stubble on his chin. He also has pink hair tied in a topknot with long sideburns.


Asashichi cares deeply for his restaurant, as he was distraught when Page One destroyed it. He was angry at Sangoro for not intervening before his shop was destroyed.

Abilities and Powers

As the proprietor of a restaurant, Asashichi likely possesses skill in cooking.


Wano Country Arc

As Page One was searching for Sangoro, he destroyed Asashichi’s soba shop and gave him the ultimatum of giving other soba shop names or shouting for Sangoro. Asashichi shouted Sangoro’s name. When Sangoro showed up, Asashichi threw a wooden cup at his head and angrily yelled at him as to why he waited until after his home was ruined to show up.

Anime and Manga Differences

Asashichi’s scene is extended slightly in the anime, with Page One threatening to eat him and his wife if they did not comply with the demand to call out for Sangoro. He also does not throw a wooden cup at Sanji in the anime.


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