Azuki is an old woman who lives in Ebisu Town.


Azuki is a short elderly woman with wild white hair. She has several missing teeth and a mole above her left eyebrow. She wears a pink kimono with purple flower patterns and green patches.


Azuki is happy to see justice served to wrongdoers like Bingo, Bongo and Bungo. She is easily flustered by compliments. Like other citizens of Ebisu Town, she adored Yasuie and tried to stop his execution.

Azuki had her emotional expressions stripped away by eating a defective leftover SMILE fruit, causing her to only be able to smile and laugh.


Wano Country Arc

After Bingo, Bongo and Bungo ended up in Ebisu Town, Azuki explained their history to Nami and Usopp. Later she told them about Yasuie and his daughter Toko.

When Yasuie was sentenced to execution, Azuki and other Ebisu Town citizens rushed to the Flower Capital to save him. However, they arrived too late and had to witness Yasuie being shot to death. Due to their SMILE side effects, they were unable to mourn his death openly and instead burst into laughter.

Azuki and the other citizens later entrusted Yasuie’s body to Kanjuro for a proper burial.

On the night of the Fire Festival, Azuki celebrated and enjoyed the fresh water. Later that night, the residents of Ebisu Town watched the broadcast of Kozuki Momonosuke’s speech.

A week later, the residents of Ebisu Town continued celebrating the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance’s victory and enjoying the fresh food and water distributed under Shogun Momonosuke’s rule.


  • Azuki is a type of bean cultivated in East Asia. Usopp refers to Azuki as a yōkai called azuki babā (“bean hag”).


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