Bao Huang

Bao Huang

Bao Huang is a Shinuchi in the Beasts Pirates, being part of the crew’s surveillance division, the “Marys”. She appears to have the duty of keeping and presenting daily schedules for the crew and their captain Kaidou.


Bao Huang is a relatively short young woman with short, light blonde hair. She has two long horns at the top of her head that point upward and a large squirrel’s tail protruding from her back.

She wears a thin mask over her face with a single eye drawn on it and four turret-shaped bumps at the bottom. Additionally, she wears a low-cut red furisode with flower patterns on it that leaves most of her legs exposed, a large bow on her back, and geta sandals on her feet. She carries around a large Uchiwa fan with a long handle and the kanji 風 (“wind”) written on it.


Bao Huang takes her job of reading the Beasts Pirates’ schedule seriously and will show up to perform her duty as soon as she is called. She has been shown to make her presentation varied and give a lot of emphasis and excitement toward big events that are planned.

She can be careless as she inadvertently announced Ulti and Page One’s defeats all over Onigashima.

Abilities and Powers

As Shinuchi of the Beasts Pirates, she has authority over lower-ranking subordinates. She is also in charge of keeping and presenting daily schedules during the Fire Festival.

As a Mary, Bao Huang is equipped with a strange eye-marked paper mask that gives her the ability to remotely observe locations, communicate and broadcast other people’s voices through other Marys, in a manner similar to clairvoyance. This allows her to act in surveillance, detecting and keeping track of an enemy’s position from afar.

Bao Huang is also responsible for announcements through Onigashima, updating her allies with important intel during the events of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance raid.

However, despite her rank and SMILE ability, Bao Huang proves to not be very physically powerful, as Usopp managed to subdue her with a single Green Star: Devil.

Devil Fruit

Bao Huang ate a Flying Squirrel SMILE (ムササビのSMILEスマイル, Musasabi no Sumairu?), an artificial Zoan-type Devil Fruit that gives her the traits of a flying squirrel, most notably a large bushy tail. She is able to use her power to glide through the air using her kimono.


Wano Country Saga

Wano Country Arc

During the Beasts Pirates’ party on the day of the Fire Festival, Bao Huang came to Kaidou through an opening in the ceiling after he summoned her to tell him the day’s schedule, and she did so.

Before Kaidou went to the Live Stage to make an announcement, he asked where Charlotte Linlin was and Bao Huang informed him that she was on her way.

During the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance’s all-out attack on Kaidou’s castle, Bao Huang spotted Shinobu and Kozuki Momonosuke through a cat that wore a mask similar to hers, and relayed their location to King.

She later located the wounded Scabbards, who were in the treasure room on the second floor, and relayed this information to King. When Black Maria volunteered to go kill them, Bao Huang warned her that she saw another person with the samurai. After Momonosuke was discovered, Bao Huang kept track of his group’s position, but the Marys lost track of the group. They eventually discovered Momonosuke’s location in the first floor’s crawlspace, and Bao Huang reported the information to Kaidou. He then had her broadcast the announcement of Luffy’s defeat to all of Onigashima. While the Marys were still in Diffusion Mode, Momonosuke made his own announcement, encouraging his forces to keep fighting, as well as relaying Luffy’s intent to return and win.

She later learned Momonosuke had fallen off Onigashima, assuming that he had died, and became excited by the thought of breaking the alliance’s spirits. But just as she was about to announce this, the battle between Usopp and Nami versus Ulti broke out in front of her, with the Tobiroppo ultimately losing. Bao Huang was so shocked by the result, she unintentionally blurted out the defeat of both Ulti and Page One. She is then captured by Usopp’s Midori Boshi. Tama then used the Mary to activate her power throughout the castle.


  • Bao Huang is likely named after the Chinese card game of the same name, fitting with the card game-themed names of the Shinuchi. When translated into English, “Băo Huáng” (保皇) means “Protect the Emperor”.


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