The Basilisk is the second-in-command of Impel Down’s Level 2: Beast Hell, under the Sphinx.


The Basilisk is a gigantic chicken-like creature with a reptilian head. Its tongue sticks out in a deranged manner.


Being a giant snake born from a chicken, it shares traits of both animals.

Abilities and Powers

The Basilisk is well known and feared among the prisoners. All that is known is that it is weaker than Sphinx.


When Monkey D. Luffy and Buggy infiltrated Level two, the Basilisk attacked them, only to be defeated by Luffy’s Gear 3 mode. It did not appear again when the prisoners ran through level two during their breakout.


  • The Basilisk featured in Impel Down is more similar to a creature known as a Cockatrice, than a Basilisk; both creatures are commonly mixed up and the description of Impel Down’s Basilisk matches a Cockatrice – not a Basilisk.


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