Bekori is the former king of the Sorbet Kingdom.


Bekori is a rotund man with large lips and a large nose that is slightly reddened at the tip. He has light shoulder-length hair, a short dark beard, and a neat dark mustache. He wears a crown, a light cravat, and a dark royal uniform.

Six years ago, Bekori’s beard and mustache grew much scruffier, and gained a lighter appearance, likely related to his aging. He would be injured by Kuma, and forced to wear a bandage over his left eye.


Bekori is a stern, money-minded corrupt king who prioritized paying the Heavenly Tribute over the welfare of the country’s citizens. He was sycophantically devoted to the World Nobles, doing whatever he felt necessary to appease them and brutalizing his citizens to expand their wealth to earn favor. He looked down on poor citizens from the south region and was okay with enslaving them due to their lack of financial contribution to the tribute. He also naively thinks that the rich people who can afford to pay Heavenly Tribute in the north of the kingdom would share his idea in looking down on the poor people of the south but in the truth they are heavily disgusted by it.. When the rich people and nobility of the north side of the Kingdom protest his action in burning down the South of the country, he has no problem killing them, showing that he only cares about himself not his people or kingdom.

In addition to his naivety, he has shown to be extremely stupid and ignorant as shown when he foolishly underestimating Kuma when Kuma confronts him for his action in burning down the South part of the country, which he threats Kuma with the consequences for going against him and calling a mere priest, seemingly ignorant to the fact that Kuma has been dismantling tyrants like that for a decade as a commander of the Revolutionary Army. Even after being chased out of the Kingdom and heavily injured by Kuma, he still refused to learn from his mistakes and still thinks lowly of Kuma as well as naively thinking that with the Marine support he could easily dispose Kuma and take back his kingdom only for Kuma to sink the entire Marine armada with him on it.

Abilities and Powers

As king of the Sorbet Kingdom, Bekori had authority over all of the citizens and the power to enact policies and laws as he pleased.


25 years ago, Bekori had recently taken the throne of Sorbet Kingdom, succeeding Bulldog.

22 years ago, Bartholomew Kuma protested against the Royal Army enslaving citizens from the south region. Afterwards, Bekori said that only the north region of Sorbet would be the actual kingdom, and any citizens who could not pay the Heavenly Tribute would be enslaved. Shortly after, the Freedom Fighters attacked the kingdom to liberate it. After the attack, the segregation and enslavement policies were terminated.

Six years ago, 16 years after his policies backfired, Bekori returned to power and set about accomplishing his original goal once more. This time, he attempted to eradicate the “deadweight” by burning them in their homes. Bekori explained his motivations for this event to some of his subordinates, informing them that he got the idea from an eastern nation that did the same thing sometime in the past, gaining said King favor with the World Nobles. When the citizens and nobles protested against his horrific plans, Bekori ordered a few of them to be killed. Before this could be accomplished, Bartholomew Kuma arrived to take him down. Bekori threatened Kuma with consequences for raising up against him, but in response, Kuma used his ability to blow Bekori away along with the castle, resulting in the events going down in history as the Solo Revolution.

Despite the second failure of his plans, Bekori survived but refused to give up or learn from his mistakes. He worked with the World Government to smear Kuma as a “tyrant” and himself as a benevolent ruler who was violently overthrown. Shortly after, Bekori brought a Marine fleet to Sorbet in an attempt to oust Kuma by force, although Kuma simply sank the entire armada. It is unknown whether Bekori survived the attack or perished at sea.


  • Bekori’s name is likely derived from pekori (ぺこり?), the Japanese word which refers to the action of quickly bowing or lowering one’s head, referencing Bekori’s servile attitude towards the Celestial Dragons.


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