Bellett was the prince of an unnamed kingdom who became a pirate and was consequently imprisoned in Impel Down, and whose gender was unwillingly inverted.


Bellett was a bulky, heavyweight man with tan skin, blonde hair, and a black beard. His most distinctive feature is his large scar running from his left shoulder down to his chest. He wore green pants with a camouflage pattern (plain green in the anime).

After being turned into a woman by Emporio Ivankov’s Emporio Onna Hormone, Bellett’s appearance changed completely except for her scar and blonde hair. As a woman, she is much more slender than her male form, and is also well-endowed. In the anime, Bellett’s skin tone also changes drastically between her forms for some reason.


As a man, Bellett was very loyal to his family and also very vengeful, as he tried to avenge them after his father became an okama, which in turn forced him to become a pirate. But after being turned into a woman, she became quite shy and embarrassed of her new gender.

Abilities and Powers

Not much is known about Bellett’s fighting ability, although he is resilient enough to survive being shot by a cannonball that had been deflected by Iva’s Death Wink.


He wielded a bazooka when he tried to attack Iva, although the shot was repelled back at him by Iva’s Death Wink.



Fifteen years ago his father went to Kamabakka Kingdom and returned as an okama. Both his family and their kingdom suffered great loss from this sudden change in their king, which forced him in to become a pirate. He was eventually captured and sentenced to Impel Down, where he began plotting to get his revenge on Ivankov, who was also an inmate.

Summit War Saga

Impel Down Arc

Bellett had somehow found his way into Newkama Land with a bazooka. Upon which, he explained to Ivankov who he was and how he planned to kill Ivankov for ruining his life. When Iva pretended being scared, Bellett became irritated and shot a cannonball, only to have it reflected back at him when the okama queen winked at it.

As Bellett struggled to get back on his feet, Ivankov jumped and landed right in front of him, shocking Bellett. He then used his Emporio Onna Hormone on the former prince, turning him into a beautiful woman. Iva then offered her the chance to join him and his followers in Newkama Land, but she ran off in embarrassment instead.

Major Battles

  • Bellett vs. Emporio Ivankov


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