Big Mom – The woman with the most powerful possession of One Piece

Big Mom, or One Piece Big Mom, stands as one of the Four Emperors reigning over the latter half of the Grand Line, the “New World.” Gifted with the power of the Soul-Soul Fruit, the Big Mom of the Big Mom Pirates can shorten or even completely deplete the lifespan of those she dominates. In this article, let’s delve into who Big Mom is, her age, and whether she met her end in One Piece!

Character Background of Big Mom

  • Latin Name: Shārotto Rinrin.
  • English Name: Charlotte Linlin.
  • First Appearance: Chapter 651, episode 571.
  • Affiliation: Big Mom Pirates, Charlotte Family, Four Emperors.
  • Occupation: Pirate, Queen of Totto, Captain of the Ship.
  • Birthday: 15/2.

Big Mom in One Piece

Character Introduction

Big Mom, Wano, is a warrior with a somewhat plump and asymmetric physique. True to her name, She – the Mother of the World, as fans of the Big Mom family often call her – boasts considerable girth.

How many children does Big Mom have? This question intrigues everyone, given that she has had 43 husbands. As of now, Her offspring has reached 85. Out of these 85, 74 are male, and the remaining 11 are female. Her eldest child is currently 50 years old, while the youngest, named Anana, is just 8. Nevertheless, she has not abandoned her greatest passion – sweet treats.

Big Mom impresses with her chubby body
Big Mom impresses with her chubby body

Strength and Abilities

As one of the Four Emperors, She is renowned as one of the four most powerful pirates in the world. The Five Elders have acknowledged her prowess, noting that she is formidable and can easily overpower even Blackbeard (introduced in episode 511). The Straw Hat crew also admitted that Young Big Mom could easily crush them in the past.

Possessing the strength of one of the world’s strongest pirates, defeating she is a formidable challenge. She can lead a powerful pirate fleet with formidable subordinates like Jinbe (the fish-man) and Capone Bege (from the Underworld). She has a close relationship with the Vinsmoke family, the legends of Germa 66. Notably, anyone marrying her children becomes a member of the Big Mom Pirates. Thanks to Big Mom’s protective strength, the Whole Cake Island has been shielded from threats posed by other pirates. Her strength also allows her to gather information about adversaries easily.

She possesses astonishing physical abilities. As seen in the “Candy City,” she can climb the tallest buildings and unleash powerful punches, enough to throw disloyal subordinates into the air with just one hand. This somewhat showcases the tremendous strength of Big Mom.

Big Mom’s Devil Fruit

  • Japanese Name: Soru Soru no Mi
  • English Name: Soul-Soul Fruit
  • Meaning: Soul
  • Type: Paramecia

She wields the Soru Soru No Mi (Soul-Soul Fruit), a Devil Fruit that allows her to manipulate souls, akin to a form of hypnosis but at a higher level. This Devil Fruit is showcased when she extracts the soul of Moscato, or alternatively, she can create embodiments of herself. The purpose is to collect energy from these souls and disperse them across the island. Subsequently, these souls will find a resting place and form into Homies.

She has the ability to use the souls she collects to bring inanimate objects to life, providing them with human-like abilities. These beings are called Homies. Unlike users of the Soul Soul Fruit, She cannot place other souls into corpses or vice versa. She can also create a physical manifestation of her own soul to achieve the goal of collecting souls.

Battle Between Big Mom and Luffy

One of the most noteworthy episodes in One Piece is episode 314, where fans witness the clash between Big Mom and Luffy. Luffy’s grandfather is Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp. Garp is disappointed that the grueling training regimes failed to inspire his grandson to become a Marine. A battle ensues, and Big Mom’s appearance promises to be incredibly captivating. Did Big Mom meet her end?

Big Mom possesses enough power to crush an entire city with just punches
Big Mom possesses enough power to crush an entire city with just punches

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Above are details about Big Mom, including her background and strength. Before becoming “rotund” and a woman with an oversized figure as seen now, young Big Mom in One Piece was once a beautiful and graceful girl in her twenties. Her eating habits led her to become excessively large as she is today.

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