Bulldog is the king of the Sorbet Kingdom. He held the throne one generation before Bekori’s reign, and reclaimed his position after Bekori’s successor Bartholomew Kuma became a fugitive.


He was old, wrinkled, and average height. He wears a feather coat and a ushanka. True to his name, he resembles as a bulldog.


Bulldog is a benign and just person who is liked among the elderly citizens of Sorbet Kingdom. He is also wise, as he analyzed and predicted Bekori’s moves based on newspaper articles and intel.

Abilities and Powers

As king of the Sorbet Kingdom, Bulldog has authority over all of the citizens. During Kuma’s own reign, he trusted Bulldog with running the kingdom due to his experience in political matters.


Bulldog was once the king of Sorbet until 25 years ago, when he was succeeded by Bekori. He was considered to be a just and fair ruler by the people of Sorbet Kingdom.

Six years ago, following Bartholomew Kuma’s Solo Revolution, Bulldog became the de facto ruler of the country again, assisting Kuma who was crowned the king but acted as a figurehead.

Some time later, Bulldog and his mother Conney visited Kuma’s church after newspapers began to falsely claim that Kuma was a dictator who seized the throne with violence. Bulldog warned Kuma that it would not be safe for him to live in Sorbet anymore since Bekori may return to steal back the throne with the World Government on his side. Kuma then entrusted the kingdom and Bonney to him before leaving.


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