Busshiri was one of the archaeologists of Ohara.


Busshiri was a man with wide shoulders, tanned skin and a large chin. He had small circular eyes, along with black dreadlocks. He wore a white shirt with the word “Bomb” written on it, under a yellow jacket. In the left chest pocket of his jacket, he held a black pen, with a red and blue pen beside it.


Busshiri was a very devoted scholar that stayed behind to help ditch books into a lake in an effort to protect them. He, along with the other scholars, were friendly towards Nico Robin.

Abilities and Powers

As an archaeologist of Ohara, it can be assumed that Busshiri had the ability to read the ponyglyphs.



For the penalty of studying the forbidden Poneglyph, the World Government declared the archaeologists of Ohara as “demons” for attempting to destroy the world, and had Spandine set the Buster Call on the island. Busshiri died in the island’s destruction when the Tree of Knowledge burned down with him inside trying to save as many books as he could.


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