CB Gallant

CB Gallant

CB Gallant was a member of the Roger Pirates until the crew’s dissolution. His current whereabouts and status are unknown.


Gallant is large, very muscular with broad shoulders, long arms, and very short legs. He has a large jaw, small eyes, and a short beard. He wears a dark-colored vest, spiked shoulder plates, light-colored gloves, a light-colored colored skirt, and light-colored shoes. He also wears a light-colored helmet with a large forward-bending plume on the top.


Gallant cares about his crew’s safety, as he was initially apprehensive to Kozuki Oden when the pirate first joined. He was pleased when his captain praised everyone before announcing that the crew would be disbanded, and he was deeply upset by Roger and Oden’s departures.

Abilities and Powers


Gallant carries a sword on his back, but he has not been seen using it.



At some point, Gallant joined the Roger Pirates.

On an island in Paradise, the Roger Pirates defeated a battalion of Marines when they spotted the Whitebeard Pirates approaching them. After the two crews battled each other for four days, Gallant participated in a gift exchange.

When Oden and his family boarded the Oro Jackson, Gallant and the rest of the crew initially treated Oden coldly, but they quickly warmed up to him as friends as they sailed to many destinations. On their trip to Fish-Man Island, Gallant witnessed Neptune’s explanation of Joy Boy’s Poneglyph. Gallant also joined his crew when they visited Zou.

Gallant was present when Roger announced that he would disband the crew, and he sobbed when they dropped Roger off and again when they took Oden back to his home in Wano. After the Roger Pirates disbanded, it is unknown what became of Gallant.


  • The size and hilt of the sword on his back are similar to Yoru’s.


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