Cezar is the recently-crowned king of Ilisia Kingdom and one of fifty monarchs who took part in the Levely.


Cezar is a man with well-defined cheekbones, large lips and a wide nose. He has long, curly brown hair. He wears a royal cape and and crown with red jewels on it.


Not much is known about Cezar’s personality, but he seems well-respected among the citizens of his country as he earned loud cheers upon departing to the Levely.

Abilities and Powers

Cezar is the king of a nation affiliated with the World Government and one of the few allowed to attend the Levely, which grants him some authority over matters concerning the world.



He was crowned the king of Ilisia Kingdom not long before the Levely.

Zou Arc

Sometime before the Levely, Cezar was one of the monarchs who were seen gathering at Mary Geoise.

Levely Arc

Cezar later attended the beginning meeting of the Levely.


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