Charlotte De-Chat

Charlotte De-Chat

Charlotte De-Chat is the 44th son and the 81st child of the Charlotte Family. He is a hybrid between a human and a fish-man.


De-Chat is a short and stocky boy. Being of fish-man heritage, he has light purple skin and small fins below his ears. He has a very tall mohawk of brown hair on his head. He does not wear a shirt, wearing only pants and a belt with a large circular buckle.


Little is known about De-Chat’s personality. He seems to have a good relationship with his sister Normande, as he allows her to play on his hand, suggesting that he is a kind child.

Abilities and Powers

As a fish-man hybrid, De-Chat likely possesses the ability to breathe underwater, and possesses physical strength much higher than that of a human.


Whole Cake Island Saga

Whole Cake Island Arc

De-Chat was in the Whole Cake Chateau holding his sister Normande when Big Mom walked past them to meet with the Vinsmoke Family.


  • De-Chat is the Japanese name of the cat tongue cookie, which is known in Japan by its French name of “langue de chat” (ラング・ド・シャ, Rangu do sha?).


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