Charlotte Decuplets

Charlotte Decuplets

The Charlotte Decuplets are the 36-40th sons and 30-34th daughters of the Charlotte Family, making up the 65-74th children in the family, and are all officers of the Big Mom Pirates. They are the largest group of Big Mom’s children born in a single birth.

They were first mentioned in SBS Volume 85, but were not identified until they gathered on Cacao Island.


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Four of the male decuplets are of average height and size while Newshi is noticeably taller and larger than the others. They all possess purple hair that goes down to their necks, although each of their hairstyles is marginally different. They have small beady eyes, and a button noses. They all wear pink suits over red shirts, and a colored bowler hats. These hats are red (Newichi), yellow (Newji), green (Newsan), lilac (Newshi), and blue (Newgo) (originally there was another yellow). Four of them also wear yellow ties. In the manga, when gathered at Cacao Island, they wore bow ties instead.

Four of the female decuplets are of average height and size while Harumeg is noticeably taller and larger than the others. The female decuplets all have long brown hair that is styled in different ways (Nutmeg-Down, Akimeg-Top Knot, Allmeg-Afro, Harumeg-Bunches, and Fuyumeg-Braid) with pink bows on top. They wear pink dresses (with the exception of Nutmeg, who wears a crop top and hotpants) with colored bow ties (Nutmeg-red, Fuyumeg-blue, Harumeg-green, Akimeg-yellow, and Allmeg-cyan), white gloves, horizontally-striped pink and white leggings, and red-pink high heels.


The decuplets are all loyal to their family and crew, as they have been seen joining Big Mom’s army to avenge their fallen crewmate and brother Cracker, going to crew meetings, and joining Oven’s force on Cacao Island to take down the Straw Hats.

The male decuplets seem to be more business-minded, as Newshi showed his reservations about gathering excessive amounts of strength to take on the Straw Hat Pirates. In contrast, the sisters seem to be more jovial, as they delighted in the atmosphere during the occupation of Cacao Island and anticipated having fun while standing guard. They idolize Katakuri, but one of the brothers was also open to the possibility of Monkey D. Luffy defeating Katakuri, prompting Allmeg to hit him on the head. They all became vengeful when they learned that Luffy defeated their brother and tried to attack the former.

Some of the brothers seem to be very sadistic, as Newichi, Newsan, and Newgo joyfully cheered as they attacked Luffy, while another ruthlessly brutalized Pekoms.

Abilities and Powers

As officers of the Big Mom Pirates, the Decuplets have authority over lower-ranking members of their crew.

Devil Fruit

Further information: Gocha Gocha no Mi

One of the decuplets, Charlotte Newshi, ate the Gocha Gocha no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit which allows him to fuse together with his nine decuplet siblings into a giant lanky figure with an enlarged scythe.


At least three of the male decuplets are capable of using Geppo, as shown when they took to the air to attack Sanji and Luffy on Cacao Island. In the anime all ten of them could maneuver in air as the males attacked Sanji, and the females attacked Pekoms.


Each decuplet carries a scythe with two spikes at the end of the blade, and one of the brothers managed to shatter the ground when he slammed his scythe into it. One of the male decuplets was also seen using a gun when shooting at the Vinsmoke Family. In the anime, the male decuplets are shown using bazookas to try to shoot Sanji down.

Anime Only Attacks

  • Ichi! Ni! San! Shi! Go! (一 二 三 四 五, Ichi! Ni! San! Shi! Go!?, literally meaning “One! Two! Three! Four! Five!”): Each of the male decuplets take a turn attacking an enemy with a weapon of some kind, striking in their birth order. This attack pattern has only been seen in the anime.



Eighteen years ago, the decuplets were born to Big Mom, setting the record for her largest single birth.

Whole Cake Island Saga

Whole Cake Island Arc

After Charlotte Cracker was defeated by Monkey D. Luffy, at least two of the male decuplets joined Big Mom’s enraged army to take out Luffy and Nami. After the two were captured, one of the decuplets watched as Amande acquired Lola’s Vivre Card from Nami.

Later, four of the male decuplets attended a meeting of the Big Mom Pirates, where they discussed the statuses of the Straw Hat Pirates and their accomplices who tried to invade Whole Cake Island.

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

The brothers attended the Tea Party before Sanji and Pudding’s wedding. After the Vinsmokes put on their Raid Suits, Niji repelled some of the decuplets before saving Chopper from Oven.

Concludes non-canon section.

The next night, the decuplets reported to Cacao Island along with many of their siblings and crewmates to join Oven’s battalion in preparation to ambush Luffy and the Straw Hats. While the brothers remarked on the ridiculous size of their forces, the sisters were looking forward to what was going to happen, and Nutmeg hugged Oven. As the arranged time for the Straw Hats to arrive drew near, the decuplets brought out their scythes, and one of the brothers wondered if Luffy would defeat Katakuri. This caused Allmeg to hit him with her scythe as Oven scoffed at the idea. The pirates discussed how Luffy would escape and noted that Charlotte Brûlée would likely get captured, with Allmeg calling her clumsy. With five minutes to go, the Big Mom Pirates prepared to ambush Luffy.

Pekoms came out of the mirror with a captive Brûlée, but the Big Mom Pirates quickly discovered that he was hiding Luffy, and one of the brothers decuplets raced to attack Luffy with his crewmates. When Luffy took to the air and Sanji saved him from Raisin, Fuyumeg was surprised when her brother was defeated. Shortly after, three of the brothers accompanied their brother Yuen into the sky to confront Luffy and Sanji, while Newshi helped his crewmates attack Pekoms. However, the skirmish was interrupted when Germa 66 arrived at Cacao Island. As Sanji and Luffy made their escape with Germa’s assistance, the decuplets were in utter shock once they heard about Katakuri’s defeat at Luffy’s hands.

They later used the power of the Gocha Gocha no Mi to fight back against the Vinsmokes.

Wano Country Saga

Germa 66’s Ahh… An Emotionless Excursion

After the Strawhats escaped managed to escape the Big Mom Pirates managed to capture Niji and Yonji. The decuplets gathered around the the Germa Princes after Mont-d’Or had imprisoned them in one of his prison books.

Major Battles

  • Oven’s army vs. Pekoms and Germa 66
    • Charlotte Decuplets vs. Vinsmoke siblings

Filler Battles

  • Decuplet’s brothers vs. Vinsmoke Niji (Whole Cake Chateau)
  • Charlotte Decuplets vs. Pekoms

Anime and Manga Differences

In the manga, one of the male decuplets was seen attacking Pekoms while the latter was restrained. Meanwhile, some of the other brothers attacked Sanji and Luffy together with Yuen. In the anime, the brothers attack Sanji and Luffy without Yuen until Pekoms fends them off. The sisters then fight Pekoms but are beaten back as well.

The decuplets merging together is shown onscreen in the anime and their clash with the Vinsmoke siblings is shown as well.


  • The daughters’ names were revealed in One Piece Magazine Vol.4 as well as their order of birth, while the sons’ names were revealed in One Piece Magazine Vol.5 as well as their order of birth.
    • In keeping with the Charlotte Family’s food-themed names, Nutmeg is named after the spice of the same name, whilst Newshi takes his name from the Japanese word for Butterfat (乳脂肪, Nyūshibō?). The remaining decuplets derive their names from puns on the name of these two siblings:
      • Nutmeg is read as natsumegu in Japanese romaji, and natsu is the Japanese word for “summer”. The prefixes of the other daughters’ names come from the words for the three other seasons (aki is “autumn”, fuyu is “winter” and haru is “spring”), as well as “all” for all of the seasons.
      • Allmeg may also be a portmanteau of the spice Allspice and nutmeg.
      • The suffixes of the sons’ names follow a numeric theme (ichi for “one”, ji for “two”, san for “three”, shi for “four”, and go for “five”) that matches their birth order.
  • The anime and Digitally Colored Manga differ regarding the Decuplet brothers’ identities, and both of them contain errors when compared to the manga and magazine.
    • In the anime, Newichi wears the red hat, Newji wears the yellow hat, Newsan wears the purple hat, Newshi wears the green hat, and Newgo wears the blue hat. However, even though the magazine makes it clear that the largest brother is Newshi, the anime identifies him as Newsan, and identifies one of the smaller brothers as Newshi. However, the English dub correctly identifies all the brothers.
    • In the colored manga, Newichi wears the green hat, Newji wears the red hat, Newsan wears the blue hat, Newshi wears the purple hat, and Newgo wears the yellow hat. However, in Volume 89’s SBS, Newgo is specifically identified as the Decuplet shown with a shocked expression after learning of Katakuri’s defeat in Chapter 898. But the colored manga has Newji in that panel instead.
  • Newgo was ranked by his older siblings as their second-favorite younger brother, behind only Anglais.


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