Charlotte Flampe

Charlotte Flampe

For the chapter of the same name, see Chapter 893.

Charlotte Flampe is the 36th daughter and 77th child of the Charlotte Family and an officer of the Big Mom Pirates, serving as the Captain of the Special Attack Unit (特攻隊長, Tokkō-taichō?, Viz: “Kamikaze Captain”). She is also Totto Land’s Minister of Honey (はちみつ大臣, Hachimitsu Daijin?), governing over Rokumitsu Island, and the President of the Katakuri Fan Club (カタクリファンクラブ会長, Katakuri Fan Kurabu Kaichō?).

Due to her actions and role, she is a minor antagonist during the Whole Cake Island Arc.


Flampe appears to be a lanky young girl with dark-colored hair that is tied in a very long ponytail where it curls up at the end with her ponytail being held up with a red flower-shaped hair tie while she has square bangs hanging over her forehead and brown eyes.

She wears a dark red shirt with a frilly high collar and frilly long sleeves. She also wears dark red tights and light-colored loafers. Over her clothes, she wears a polka-dotted outfit which balloons out like a jelly bean and allows her to float and bounce around.


Flampe is an obsessive girl who looks up to her older brother Katakuri because of his apparent perfection, to the point that she would interrupt the battle between him and Luffy in order to preserve that status. She also loves him to the point that she would compete with her siblings to get her brother’s favoritism. However, this obsession is entirely superficial, since Flampe displayed immense shock when Katakuri injured himself, and repeatedly mocked the appearance of her brother’s hidden mouth. Flampe thus is very petty and immature, even threatening to gossip about Katakuri’s display of weakness to everyone, all while disowning him as a relative of hers.

Flampe is sadistic and tends to laugh at the misfortune of her enemies. This also includes her subordinates, as she will immediately demean and even attack them if they do something that fails to meet her standards. She also takes enjoyment in toying and torturing her opponents along with her subordinates. This extends to anyone she dislikes, as she attempted to torment Katakuri with the prospect of humiliating him about his mouth to the public.

Flampe is shown to be rather vain, taking pleasure in her status as cutest sister (despite said status being mostly manufactured). However, she is loyal to her mother and her family as she accompanied Big Mom and her siblings to infiltrate Wano to retrieve Zeus and get her revenge on Luffy. She appears to be confident in her sharpshooting abilities and regards to being stealthy.

Despite her sadism, Flampe is disgusted by blood, as she repeatedly derided Luffy for being bloodied during his fight with Katakuri, and likewise became extremely angry and disgusted with Katakuri himself when some of his blood splashed on her face.



Charlotte Linlin

Flampe is loyal enough to her mother that she accompanied her to Wano Country for revenge against the Straw Hats.

Charlotte Katakuri

Flampe originally admired her brother Katakuri, and even became the president of a fan club dedicated to him. While watching her brother’s fight against Luffy, she interrupted the battle because she wanted to preserve her brother’s perfect status and to become Katakuri’s favorite sister.

When Katakuri caught wind of her intrusion, Flampe expected praise from him while he was approaching her. Instead, he stabbed himself with his trident and angrily berated her for her interference while telling her to never interrupt in his duel with Luffy. When she looked at Katakuri’s teeth, she rolled away from him in terror and called him a “monster”. Distraught at the appearance of Katakuri’s mouth, Flampe began to detest and ridicule him. She even had her subordinates photograph him in an attempt to expose his eel-like teeth throughout the entire Totto Land. Not wanting her to meddle in his fight and being annoyed with her rants, Katakuri willingly knocked her and her subordinates out with Haoshoku Haki as punishment.


Monkey D. Luffy

Due to his battle with Katakuri, Flampe sees Luffy as an enemy and even calls him a “monkey”. Not wanting him to ruin Katakuri’s perfect status, she blew a dart at Luffy during the fight, making an opening for her brother to wound him, which she found laughable. When Luffy got up again, Flampe attempts to shoot him again with her Silent Blowgun, but Luffy dodged it, leaving her shocked that he was able to dodge her silent needle. Luffy and Katakuri used Haoshoku Haki to render Flampe and her subordinates unconscious so they can resume their battle without anyone bothering them. Before completely passing out, Flampe was shocked to learn that Luffy possesses that kind of Haki.

Abilities and Powers

As the Minister of Honey, Flampe has authority over Rokumitsu Island, and as the Special Attack Unit Captain, Flampe has direct control over an entire squad that specializes in special attacks. Furthermore, as an officer of the Big Mom Pirates, she is able to give orders to the lower-ranked members of the crew despite her young age.

She does not possess a particularly strong will, as she was knocked out by Luffy and Katakuri’s Haoshoku Haki.

Fluffy Balloon System

The Fluffy Balloon System (ふわふわ風船システム, Fuwafuwa Fūsen Shisutemu?) is a device contained in Flampe’s outfit, which allows her to float in the air like an actual balloon. The device was obtained when Big Mom was destroying other countries.


Flampe’s main weapon is a blowgun, which she uses to shoot “Numbing Needles (シビレ針, Shibire-bari?). Flampe is a skilled marksman, and her dress briefly deflates when she shoots, indicating that the air in it is used to shoot the blowgun and gives it great range. The needle shots are silent, allowing Flampe to take enemies by surprise, although they do not seem to be exceptionally powerful. The needles are so silent that neither Luffy nor Katakuri—two fighters with Kenbunshoku Haki—notice her interference.

She used a fork to punish the sniper who failed to hit Luffy.


Whole Cake Island Saga

Whole Cake Island Arc

During the second battle between Katakuri and Monkey D. Luffy in the Mirro-World, Flampe went in with some subordinates and had them try to shoot Luffy so she could become Katakuri’s favorite sister. She stabbed one of them with a fork to punish him for his failure when Luffy kept dodging his shots and remarked on Luffy’s tenacity as he refused to quit. Flampe managed to shoot Luffy in the leg with her Silent Blowgun, and she laughed as Katakuri managed to deal a critical blow to him as a result of her interference.

Flampe was ecstatic as Katakuri pummeled Luffy, but when Luffy continued getting up, she tried shooting at him again. Luffy dodged the shot but fell down in the process, causing Flampe and her subordinates to laugh at him and attract Katakuri’s attention. Thinking Katakuri was coming to praise her, Flampe received a rude awakening as Katakuri stabbed himself and revealed his mouth as he shouted at her for interfering in his battle. Flampe instantly became disillusioned with her brother after his display of weakness and mocked his mouth, having her subordinates take pictures of it and stating she would show them to everyone else. However, she and her subordinates were quickly knocked out by a blast of Luffy and Katakuri’s Haoshoku Haki.

Wano Country Saga

Wano Country Arc

When Big Mom tried to infiltrate Wano Country, Flampe accompanied her mother and crew as they attempted to cross the waterfall into the country. However, just before they reached the top of the waterfall, King attacked the ship, causing the ship to fall off the waterfall and Big Mom to fall into the sea.

Although Big Mom had gone missing, the ship luckily did not capsize, and so Flampe reflected on their situation with the rest of her family, asking if they had no choice but to wait.

The crew later heard about Big Mom’s newly formed alliance with Kaidou. On the day of the Fire Festival, the Big Mom Pirates discussed how taking Luffy’s head was their top priority but Flampe, having no interest in the goal, simply stated that she wanted to be Kaidou’s new favorite. As the crew attempted to climb the waterfall again, Marco appeared, much to their shock, and knocked down their ship.


Video Games

Playable Appearances

  • One Piece Treasure Cruise

Support Appearances

  • One Piece Bounty Rush


  • Her name is based on flambé, a cooking procedure in which food is covered in liquor and set alight briefly. This follows the food-themed names of the Charlotte Family and Big Mom Pirates.
  • In the initial printing of her debut chapter, Flampe was introduced as the 33rd daughter of the Charlotte Family, making her older than Charlotte Pudding at 15 years old. This was corrected on the day of the chapter’s release by Oda’s staff on Twitter, on a later chapter, and on the volume release.
    • The mistake was made again in her debut episode, despite the volume being released 6 months before the episode.
  • She is the youngest officer of the Big Mom Pirates.
  • Flampe was ranked by her older siblings as their favorite younger sister.
  • Flampe’s favorite food is chewing gum, which may be in reference to Violet Beauregarde from the Willy Wonka series, as Violet was a competitive gum chewer.
  • In Pirate Warriors 4, Flampe is replaced with a Chess Soldier, who shoots Luffy with the Numbing Needle instead.


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