Charlotte Maple

Charlotte Maple

Charlotte Maple is the 26th daughter and 57th child of the Charlotte Family, the youngest quadruplet sister of Mobile, Marble, and Myukuru, and a Longarm-human hybrid. She also is an officer of the Big Mom Pirates. She was a member of Charlotte Oven’s army to ambush Monkey D. Luffy on Cacao Island.


Maple is a thickset woman with short light hair. As a half-longarm, she possesses two joints in her arms. She wears a button-down shirt with very large pockets on each side, very short shorts, and a long scarf wrapped around her neck.


Maple appears to be loyal to her family and crew, as shown when she took up Oven’s call to gather on Cacao Island and attack Luffy.

Abilities and Powers

As an officer of the Big Mom Pirates, Maple has authority over lower-ranking members of her crew. Her combat powers and abilities are unknown besides those native to longarms, but she is presumably strong as she is an officer of an Emperor-led crew. She is strong enough to have been sent with many of her siblings to Cacao Island to fight Luffy.


Whole Cake Island Saga

Whole Cake Island Arc

Maple gathered with thousands of her crewmates on Cacao Island as part of Charlotte Oven’s effort to ambush Monkey D. Luffy. She was surprised when Pekoms first came out of the only mirror on Cacao Island with no Luffy in sight.


  • Her name comes from the maple tree, which produces a sap that is often used to make food. This fits the food-themed names of the Charlotte Family and Big Mom Pirates.


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