Charlotte Wiro

Charlotte Wiro

Charlotte Wiro is the 43rd son and the 80th child of the Charlotte Family. He is a Human-Snakeneck hybrid.


Wiro is a thin boy who, like all those of Snakeneck heritage, has a very long neck. He has wild dark red hair that covers his eyes. He wears a collared shirt and shorts.


Nothing is known about Wiro’s personality. He has only ever been seen smiling.


Whole Cake Island Saga

Whole Cake Island Arc

Wiro was in the Whole Cake Chateau reading a book when Big Mom walked past him to meet with the Vinsmoke Family.


  • Wiro’s name may come from Uirō, a Japanese cake similar to mochi, which fits with the food-themed names of the Charlotte Family and Big Mom Pirates.


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