Chuji is the pet rat of the geisha Some.


Chuji is a normal-looking rat who possesses light-colored fur and large round ears.


Chuji is a friendly rat who is loyal to its owner Some, coming to her when she calls it. After being saved by Sanji, it seems to have become attached to him as well, and chose to sit on top of his shoulder and his head.


Wano Country Arc

Chuji accompanied its owner Some from the Flower Capital to Onigashima to provide entertainment for the Wano administration and Beasts Pirates’ Fire Festival celebration. At some point, it became separated from Some, but she went out and found it in the hall and called it back over to her. Unbeknownst to them, their reunion was endangered when the invisible Queen lunged at Some in an attempt to hit her. Before any harm could come to them, however, Sanji kicked Queen’s head into the floor and tucked Chuji to safety within his jacket. After Sanji kicked Queen out of the hall, he took Chuji out and handed the rat to Some.

Chuji then accompanied its owner and Sanji their attempt to escape the fire inside the Skull Dome, until they were saved by Raizo flooding the dome with water.


  • The “chu” (, chū?) in its name means “loyalty”, befitting its affection towards Some. But it may also be a reference to “chuchu” (チューチュー, chūchū?), the Japanese onomonopeia for squeaking (like that of a rodent).
  • The names of O-Some and Chuji may be reference to the historical novel Onna Kyōkaku – Komachi no O-Some (女侠客 小町のお染?, “Chivalrous Woman – O-Some of Komachi”) by Tamada Gyokushusai. The protagonist of the novel, O-Some of Komachi, is accompanied by a man called Kurofune Chuji (黒船忠治?), and acts as a type of chivalrous outlaw or gentleman thief.
  • Sanji used to cook food for rats in his childhood, which was seen as proof that he retained his emotions and was a “failure” to the Vinsmoke Family. Coincidentally, Chuji appears at a moment where Sanji fears that he is losing his emotions, which causes the misunderstanding to be cleared.
    • In addition, when Sanji handed Chuji over to Some, he remembered the time he fed rats as a child.


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