Clapp was the father of Bartholomew Kuma and a member of the Buccaneers race.

His family lived in the Sorbet Kingdom until they were all captured and made slaves in Mary Geoise. Clapp was later shot and killed by a World Noble.


Clapp was a large, stout man with an impressive physique, much like his son Kuma. His face featured a prominent, square jaw with some stubble at the chin, a wide, bulbous nose and dark squared eyebrows. His dark hair was short and wavy.

After being enslaved and abused, Clapp lost his left eye at some point, leaving only a stitched scar running down the upper portion of his face in its place. He also received another stitched scar on his left forearm. Like all slaves of the World Nobles, Clapp had the Hoof of the Soaring Dragon burned into him to mark him as “less than human”.


Clapp was a dedicated family man who loved his wife and child. Even after being enslaved and then heartbroken about the death of his wife, he kept looking out for Kuma.

As a buccaneer, Clapp believed in Nika, the slave liberator who was part of his race’s folklore, and liked to share legends about him with his son.

Powers and Abilities

As a full-blooded buccaneer, Clapp had the blood of giants running through his veins. As such, he was blessed with an extremely tough constitution and impressive physical power. This allowed him to survive large amounts of physical punishment during his tenure as a slave.



Around 47 years ago, Clapp and his wife managed a church in the Sorbet Kingdom and had their first child, Kuma. Their happiness was short-lived, as the World Government was monitoring the island for Buccaneers and learned about their existence through the hospital that helped with Kuma’s delivery. In spite of Clapp’s begging for the government to leave his wife and kid alone, they were all enslaved when Kuma was 4 years old and sent to Mary Geoise, with Clapp receiving the brunt of the abuse.

At some point, Clapp’s wife passed away and he had to tearfully tell his son about it. In order to keep Kuma’s mood up, he started sharing stories about a prominent legend of Buccanner folklore, the warrior of liberation Nika. While giving Kuma more details about the legend and entertaining him, Clapp was suddenly shot by an annoyed World Noble, dying in front of his son as a result.


Because of the way he suffered for his race his son, Kuma, did not want to bring misery to those close to him like Ginny.


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