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Professor Clover was the director of the Ohara Library, and a leading authority on archaeology. He was a professor and scholar who studied poneglyphs with his fellow colleagues in the Tree of Knowledge. During his younger years, he was also an infamous explorer known for getting repeatedly caught by the Marines.

Clover and his fellow archaeologists died 22 years ago for conducting forbidden research on the Void Century, which led the World Government to decimate the island of Ohara through a Buster Call.


Clover was an elderly man with a shaved top, with his green hair adjusted jutting on the sides and the back top, combined with a large beard, all in the shape of leaves. This overall was a reminiscence of an upside down three-leaf clover. He wore a red-and-white striped shirt with a large belt at his waist, pants and a blue-and-black jacket with a tiger face in the back.


Clover was a kind and caring man, as he did not see Robin as a monster as the rest of Ohara’s citizens did. He allowed her to read the books in the library, study history, and happily graduated her into archeology. He forbade her from studying the forbidden poneglyphs only to protect her from the World Government’s wrath. When he learned about her ability to read the poneglyphs, he regretted not knowing despite watching over her or being able to do more for her in order to not make her feel alienated as a result. When Olvia and Robin were forced to separate again, Clover shed a tear for the mother and daughter.



Nico Robin

Professor Clover allowed Robin to become an archaeologist after she passed her test; it was his research on Poneglyphs that sparked her interest in the True History. Clover allowed her to read books in his library which sparked her interest in them. She was supported by the other archaeologists in the Tree of Knowledge. They were her only friends and they cared for her more than anything. Even when they threatened to ban her from the Tree of Knowledge if she continued to spy on the efforts to uncover the True History, they did so in order to prevent her from being branded as a criminal.

Nico Olvia

Professor Clover and Nico Olvia maintained a close professional relationship, defined by their mutual interest in the True History of the world, as inscribed on the Poneglyphs. Olvia’s profound dedication to archaeology greatly impressed Clover, who respected her commitment and tenacity. Clover, in many ways, became a source of support and guidance for Olvia during her studies. He provided her with access to the Tree of Knowledge’s vast library and was always open to engaging in deep intellectual discussions about their shared passions. Their bond grew stronger as they spent countless hours researching the Poneglyphs and trying to unravel the mysteries of the True History. The mutual respect and trust between Clover and Olvia were strong enough that when she decided to leave Ohara to find the Real Poneglyph, Clover, while saddened by her departure, trusted her judgement and gave his support. He cared for her daughter, Nico Robin, during Olvia’s absence, and instilled in Robin the same love for knowledge and curiosity about the world’s True History that he and Olvia shared. Their relationship, despite being primarily professional, was marked by a profound mutual respect and shared commitment to their research. Even when faced with the dire consequences of their pursuit of knowledge, Clover and Olvia chose to stand by their principles and continue their work, highlighting the deep trust and understanding between them.

Scholars of Ohara

Professor Clover maintained a complex and deeply respectful relationship with the Scholars of Ohara. As one of the leading figures of the group, he nurtured a collaborative environment that fostered intellectual curiosity and a strong commitment to uncovering the True History of the world through the Poneglyphs. He was highly respected amongst his peers for his vast knowledge, intellectual prowess, and dedication to the pursuit of truth. The other scholars looked up to him not only for his expertise but also for his leadership and wisdom. His collaborative approach to research fostered a strong sense of unity amongst the group, strengthening their bond in their shared pursuit of knowledge. Clover also had a significant influence on the younger generation of scholars, including Nico Robin. His mentorship and guidance played a pivotal role in nurturing their intellectual curiosity and developing their research skills. He was particularly supportive of Robin’s pursuit of knowledge, recognizing her exceptional abilities and potential at a young age. Even during the darkest times, Clover stood by his fellow scholars. When the World Government branded them as criminals for their pursuit of the True History, Clover rallied the group and encouraged them to continue their work, embodying the unwavering commitment to truth that defined the Scholars of Ohara. Overall, Clover’s relationship with the Scholars of Ohara was defined by mutual respect, collaborative research, and a shared passion for uncovering the True History of the world. His leadership, wisdom, and resilience continue to inspire the scholars, even after his tragic demise.

Monkey D. Dragon

Clover was an acquaintance to Dragon.


Clover was a friend of Vegapunk, with the two adventuring together when they were younger.


World Government

Due to studying the Poneglyphs, Clover automatically became an enemy of the World Government.

Abilities and Powers

As a scholar from Ohara, Professor Clover had the skills to read Poneglyphs, thus being one of the few people with the ability to discover the truth about the Void Century, and the exact locations of the ancient weapons. As a leading professor of archaeology, he had immense knowledge of history, including the secret events of the Void Century. Clover’s renown knowledge was so high, even Silvers Rayleigh complimented him.

During his younger years as an explorer, Clover was seen wielding a saber, although it is unknown if he had any proficiency with the weapon.



During his younger years, Clover was an ardent researcher and adventurer obsessed with the Void Century, which led him to conduct various expeditions around the world in order to seek rare texts that could shine some light about the subject. Because such research was considered forbidden by the World Government, Clover was arrested by the Marines in ten different occasions, although he managed to break out every single time, something that greatly contributed to his worldwide fame. Eventually, several archaeologists who held profound admiration for Clover’s work and quest started following him to Ohara, Clover’s homeland.

Years later, after the departure of Olvia, Clover’s student, from Ohara, Robin wandered into the Tree of Knowledge and was spotted by the professor while trying to steal a book. Clover, however, allowed her in to read the books.

He later helped Robin become an official archaeologist. However, he forbade her from studying Ohara’s poneglyph, not wanting her to fall prey to the World Government like her mother Nico Olvia did.

Sadly, it was not to be as the World Government found out about Ohara’s research and dispatched the CP9 to take care of them. Clover tried to persuade Robin to escape as the CP9 rounded up the archaeologists. The reason for this is that Clover spoke to the World Government regarding the scholar’s findings in the poneglyphs. He did not want Robin to know those results, for fear that she would also be targeted by the World Government.

After Clover confronted the Five Elders, the old man who communicated through Den Den Mushi recognized the archaeologist and recognized him for his great contribution to universal culture, lamenting that he strayed from the “good path”, Clover claimed the right of humanity to knowing the story and that no one had the right to deny them the “untold story”, the old counter-argument that if they read the Poneglyphs they would resurrect the Ancient Weapons leading the world to its doom.

The past belongs to all of man. Nobody has the right to try and stop the desire to know the untold history. Whatever the past may be, as long as it’s history crafted by the hands of mankind, we have the responsibility to accept it all. If one is able to understand this without fear, countermeasures will be possible whatever happens.

Clover stated that before the World Government was formed, the world was ruled by a Great Kingdom. But they were wiped out by a group that would one day become the World Government. However, before Clover could reveal the name, he was shot and mortally wounded so a shocked Robin approached. The Buster Call was then initiated and Marine ships began to assault Ohara, Clover regretted not keeping an eye on Robin. Taking care of Jaguar D. Saul, Clover arrived and ordered him to take little Robin to the refugee ship. Clover, along with Olvia and the other scholars, stayed behind to save as many books as they could from the Tree of Knowledge for future generations. Afterward, he and the scholars all stayed in the tree as it burned down around them and the rest of Ohara was destroyed. They were all killed when the tree fell and crushed and burned them while they were throwing books into the lake, in the hopes of preserving history.


The Marines later found the books in the lake after searching the island for survivors (confirming that there were none), but they thought that it was just a coincidence. His death, and dedication to his research, partly inspired Dragon to create the Revolutionary Army.


  • Clover’s favorite foods are honey and bitter chocolate.


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