Coburn was the leader of the Shandia tribe from 400 years ago.


Similar to the current Shandia Chief, Coburn was an elderly man, with thick facial hair, eyebrows and long silver hair tied to the sides, plus a pair of small wings like the other Shandia.

He sported a long robe and an animal’s head as a helmet, decorated with feathers. He also carried a fuzzy staff with a tribal mask on top.


Coburn was depicted as wise and reasonable compared to the rest of his tribe, willing to overlook heresy towards his culture if he thought it would be for the benefit of the Shandia. Even though Mont Blanc Noland ended up killing Kashigami, considered a sacrilegious act by the Shandia, Coburn gave Noland a chance to find medicine to save his tribe in exchange for the lives of his crewmates, being intent in keeping his word despite pressure from the other Shandia, as he had acknowledged Noland’s wisdom.

Abilities and Powers

As the leader of the ancient Shandia tribe, Coburn was responsible of making decisions that concerned his tribe. He admitted that he could not speak with the gods, since that was the job of the then deceased Pantri, Chiya.

Other than that, it is unknown if Coburn had any fighting skills as well.



Coburn was first seen during the attempt to sacrifice Mousse, in order to please the God Kashigami. When Mont Blanc Noland saved the girl from certain death, and explained that there was a cure for the illness that wrecked the tribe, Coburn decided to give him one day’s time to prove himself, but instead his crew would be held captive. He was later seen trying to calm the villagers, and convincing them that the survival of the tribe was worth a day’s wait, to which Kalgara complied.

When the deadline for Noland’s cure approached, Coburn gave the order for Noland’s crew to be taken at the altar. Later on, however, when Noland finally managed to cure the Shandia, the chief was seen relieved, gazing at the moon.


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