Couples in One Piece: 12 most loved couples!

Embark on a riveting and adventurous journey with One Piece, an anime series that paints the vivid tale of daring pirates. While the central narrative revolves around thrilling battles, it doesn’t deter fans from avidly observing the intricate web of relationships in One Piece. Join One Piece World as we delve into the 12 most prominent One Piece couples!

Usopp – Kaya

Childhood friends hailing from Syrup Village, Usopp and Kaya share a bond forged through adversity. Despite Usopp’s humble family background and Kaya’s residence in the island’s grandest mansion, they became inseparable after Kaya lost her parents. Usopp’s masterful storytelling skills brought continuous laughter to Kaya’s life. Their deep connection persists even as Usopp joins the Straw Hat pirate crew.

Usopp is the one who brings Kaya a smile
Usopp is the one who brings Kaya a smile

This beloved pair, although not displaying overt romantic gestures, holds the potential for a shared future after the Straw Hat crew’s triumphant return.

Sanji – Pudding

Sanji and Pudding’s acquaintance stems from an arranged marriage orchestrated by their families. Pudding, initially conspiring against Sanji with her mother, Big Mom, ultimately finds herself captivated by Sanji’s genuine kindness. Despite Pudding’s betrayal, Sanji forgives her swiftly, and their love persists despite being on opposing fronts.

Sanji and Pudding are a very compatible couple
Sanji and Pudding are a very compatible couple

The Sanji – Pudding duo stands out as a fan-favorite, showcasing rare romantic moments amidst the series. While some see Pudding as Sanji’s redemption, others are wary of her initial ruthlessness.

Gotti – Lola

Gotti, in his quest to find Chiffon, mistakenly encounters Lola, believing her to be Chiffon. Gotti rescues Lola from Navy attacks, and her gratitude culminates in a heartfelt kiss. Subsequently, Lola proposes to Gotti, solidifying their charming bond and winning the hearts of fans.

Sabo – Koala

Sabo and Koala share an exceptionally close relationship. Despite Koala’s occasional scolding of Sabo, her concern for his safety is evident. Sabo, in turn, silently endures her reprimands. Their unique bond within the Revolutionary Army adds depth to their dynamic.

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Monkey D. Luffy – Boa Hancock

Despite their brief acquaintance, Luffy and Boa Hancock develop a deep friendship. Boa, the ruler of Amazon Lily, makes an exception for Luffy in her ban on men due to her past experiences. Hancock’s profound love for Luffy makes him the center of her world, and she consistently aids him.

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Luffy – Hancock, though unrequited, stands as one of the most visually appealing couples in One Piece, captivating numerous fans.

Ace – Isuka

Ace and Isuka, despite their affection for each other, face insurmountable differences due to their respective affiliations. Their paths cross multiple times, but their opposing loyalties prevent a deeper connection.

One of the couples that leaves many regrets for fans
One of the couples that leaves many regrets for fans

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Zoro – Tashigi

Zoro and Tashigi share exceptional swordsmanship skills. Their first encounter in Loguetown, where Zoro accidentally aids Tashigi, sparks a connection. Despite their banter, Zoro consistently helps Tashigi when danger looms.

Mihawk – Perona

Mihawk and Perona’s relationship begins on Kuraigana Island. Despite Mihawk’s solitary nature, he reluctantly accepts Perona. Their unconventional partnership, lasting at least two years, reveals a surprising depth, resembling an old married couple.

Senor Pink – Russian

Senor Pink and Russian represent an official couple in One Piece. Despite Russian’s disdain for pirates, she marries Senor Pink, who conceals his true identity. Their tragic loss strengthens their bond, showcasing Senor Pink’s heartfelt gestures.

Franky – Nico Robin

Franky and Nico Robin, crewmates in the Straw Hat Pirates, share a perfect companionship. Their popularity arises from their contrasting personalities, with Robin being reserved and Franky exuberant.

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Dracule Mihawk – Shanks

Mihawk and Shanks, former rivals and apparent friends, present a captivating dynamic. Mihawk’s pursuit of Shanks as a worthy opponent wanes after Shanks sacrifices his arm for Luffy.

Nami – Nefertari Vivi

Nami and Vivi, a prominent female couple, showcase stark differences in upbringing and temperament. Their contrasting personalities and shared experiences foster a deep bond, becoming a favorite among fans.

Explore the rich tapestry of One Piece relationships, and don’t forget to stay tuned to One Piece World for more captivating articles about the world of the Pirate King.

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