Disc J

Disc J

Disc J is a member of the Kid Pirates.


Disc J is a stocky man. He wears many dark colored barbed accessories over his entire body. In the anime, he was shown to have dark blue hair, and wore atight black shirt, with his accessories being green with yellow details


Not much is known about Disc J’s personality yet, but he is loyal to his captain and worries about his well-being.


Wano Country Saga

Wano Country Arc

Disc J was one of the Kid Pirates witnessing his captain fight Big Mom on Onigashima’s Live Floor. When Kid’s railgun attack proved to be not enough to finish off Big Mom at first, he was one of the members that tried to convince their captain to retreat, however, he was promptly ignored by him.

He was later present when the Kid Pirates were working on fixing and restocking the Victoria Punk, when Apoo came to share the news of the new bounties for the alliance’s captains and the newly announced emperors of the sea.


  • Disc J’s is likely named after Disc jockey, more commonly abbreviated as DJ.


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