Doha Ittanka II

Doha Ittanka II

Doha Ittanka II is a prisoner from Level 6 of Impel Down.


Doha Ittanka is an extremely large man, appearing similar in size to a giant (though it’s unknown if he actually is one). He has very long and bushy hair, and is missing several teeth. He wears a standard prison jumpsuit, and has chains shackling his wrists.


Doha Ittanka is a violent and sadistic man, taking great pleasure when hearing about the potential for Whitebeard to meet his death.


Edward Newgate

Doha Ittanka hates Whitebeard, as he became very excited when he heard of the possibility of killing the Emperor. Why he feels this way is unknown.

Abilities and Powers

Doha Ittanka’s abilities are unknown, but he was capable of committing crimes so severe it led to the World Government keeping him out of the public eye in Level 6 of Impel Down. Sengoku stated that a Level 6 prisoner would be an astronomical danger to a normal country’s citizens.



At some point in a past, Doha Ittanka was apprehended by the World Government and imprisoned in Level 6 of Impel Down, likely due to posing a great threat.

Impel Down Arc

When Crocodile noted that there would soon be a good chance for someone to kill Whitebeard, Doha Ittanka and other prisoners clamored in excitement, wanting to take down the Emperor themselves.

Later, Marshall D. Teach came to recruit Level 6 prisoners to his crew, the Blackbeard Pirates, by having them fight each other. It is unknown whether Doha Ittanka was killed in the fight, escaped, or remained imprisoned.


  • Doha Ittanka’s name is a pun on “どう入ったのか?” (“Dо̄ haitta no ka?”?, meaning “How did he get here?”).
  • Stephen Paul, the official VIZ translator, informally translated Doha Ittanka’s name as “Howja Geddinthere II”. This translation was later used in the 7th popularity poll.


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