Donquixote Mjosgard

Donquixote Mjosgard

Saint Donquixote Mjosgard was a member of the World Nobles, being part of the Donquixote Family descended from the First Twenty who founded the World Government.

After an attempt to recapture his freed fish-man slaves went awry, Mjosgard met Queen Otohime of Fish-Man Island’s Ryugu Kingdom and became their ally and a supporter of their efforts to integrate with humans, opposing the extreme racism typical among World Nobles. During the most recent Levely he would directly oppose other World Nobles from threatening Otohime’s family, which resulted in his execution.


Mjosgard had his dark green hair styled in an updo, a hairstyle shared by most other World Nobles. He had a wide face with a bulbous nose that had snot hanging out from time to time, thick lips, and small slit-like eyes. Like all World Nobles, he wore a thick white protective suit adorned with medal-like knobs and an air bubble when out in public. When he arrived on Fish-Man Island, he was shown bloody and injured after his journey.

During the Levely Arc, his appearance remained mostly the same with only some minor changes. He appeared slimmer and his hair appeared more angular. His face had facial hair, and his eyes appeared more blackish. He wore a simple, light purple collared shirt underneath his protective suit.


Ten years ago, Mjosgard acted like most other World Nobles, considering himself to be a god who could do whatever he liked and who could get whatever he wanted from those of lesser status. He looked down on anyone who did not share his status, particularly non-humans like fish-men and merfolk. Although his family’s fish-man slaves had been freed due to a legal agreement, Mjosgard wished to get them back due to the money he had spent on them and believed he was entitled to reclaim them. Notably, he was willing to personally go all the way to Fish-Man Island to seize them, though clearly did so believing he was invincible and not knowing the dangers of the deep sea. Even when the rest of his crew was killed and he was gravely injured, Mjosgard still expected that his slaves would return and the fish-men would give him the medical help he needed. When he finally realized that his former slaves could take revenge on him with no consequences, Mjosgard became extremely fearful and panicked, but remained unrepentant and antagonistic. Despite Otohime saving his life, Mjosgard was ungrateful and even attempted to shoot her at first; when his life was eventually saved by the fish-men, he promised to retaliate against his former slaves for their willingness to kill him.

However, after Otohime accompanied him to Mary Geoise, her words eventually caused Mjosgard to have a change of heart and develop a debt of gratitude toward her for saving his life. He ceased owning slaves, and showed disgust at his past actions as well as attitudes and actions from other World Nobles that resembled the ones he used to have. When Otohime’s family came up to Mary Geoise for the Levely, Mjosgard aligned with their interests over those of the World Nobles, to the point of even assaulting Saint Charlos to protect them and promising to claim responsibility for further retaliation, despite such defection ultimately resulting in a death sentence for him. However, Mjosgard was strategic in his plotting to protect his merfolk allies, as he barred members of the Neptune Family from attacking World Nobles in order to keep them safe under the law, instead seeking help from lawless pirates.

Abilities and Powers

As a World Noble, Mjosgard was entitled by birthright to act as he pleased with the full backing of the World Government behind him, in particular having the ability to summon a Marine Admiral if attacked. However, he pushed this authority to the limit when he crashed on Fish-Man Island alone, as he soon found himself to be helpless in a remote area where no one would say anything should he be killed and go missing.

Mjosgard was the only person on his ship who managed to survive after being attacked by creatures on the Sea Floor, though was gravely wounded and would have died without receiving medical attention.


During his trip to Fish-Man Island, Mjosgard wielded a flintlock which he used to threaten the populace and attempt to kill Queen Otohime after she saved his life. During the most recent Levely, he used a large studded club to strike Charlos, with enough force to knock out the World Noble and give him gruesome injuries.



Ten years before the present day, Mjosgard and his family lost their fish-man slaves as a condition of Jinbe joining the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Since he had paid a lot of money for them, Mjosgard decided to sail down to Fish-Man Island and take his former slaves back. However, his ship was attacked on the Sea Floor by sea creatures, and crashed into Fish-Man Island with Mjosgard as the only survivor. A heavily wounded Mjosgard ordered the fish-men around him to get him a mask and doctor, but he was then surrounded by his former slaves, who intended to kill him for what he had done to them with the other onlookers promising to keep it a secret from the outside world. However, the Ryugu Kingdom’s queen Otohime intercepted the gunshot and saved Mjosgard’s life, telling her subjects that they must stop the cycle of hate between fish-men and humans. Disregarding the queen’s actions, Mjosgard moved to shoot her in the head. However, Otohime’s daughter Shirahoshi cried out, which summoned numerous Sea Kings to the area and caused Mjosgard to lose consciousness due to fright.

After a few weeks of intensive treatment, Mjosgard recovered from his wounds and was allowed to sail back to Mary Geoise. He continued to be ungrateful and told his former slaves he would make them regret their actions. However, Otohime demanded to accompany him to the surface so she could meet with the World Nobles. She and Mjosgard went up to Mary Geoise, and at some point during this trip, Mjosgard had a change of heart and developed a respect for the queen and her people. Otohime was able to get written approval from the World Nobles regarding human and fish-man coexistence, furthering her efforts to achieve the goal of Ryugu Kingdom relocating to the surface world.

Whole Cake Island Saga

Levely Arc

When Charlos tried to take Shirahoshi by force, Mjosgard intervened on the Neptune Family’s behalf and angrily knocked Charlos out with a club as retribution and immediately ordered for Shirahoshi to be set free. He then apologized for Charlos’ actions and declared that he would help the people of Fish-Man Island. After Charlos was taken away, Mjosgard told Neptune that he would stand beside Shirahoshi throughout the Levely and would take full responsibility if a fight broke out.

Wano Country Saga

Wano Country Arc

During the Levely, Charlos attempted to enslave Shirahoshi again. Mjosgard gave Sai and Leo permission to strike down Charlos, though ordered the princes of Ryugu Kingdom to stand back. Charlos commanded Bartholomew Kuma to kill Mjosgard, but Sai and Leo attacked Charlos and Kuma’s attack was stopped by Morley.

Afterwards, the incident was reported as an assassination attempt. Mjosgard allowing Leo and Sai to attack a fellow Celestial Dragon, and protecting the fish-man species, led to the intervention of the God’s Knights to deliberate his actions and decide what measures they should take about it. As punishment for his acts of collaboration and assault against a fellow World Noble, Mjosgard was then executed by the head of the God’s Knights, Figarland Garling.


  • Mjosgard believing he could reclaim his slaves after they were freed is similar to the fugitive slave laws enacted in the United States, allowing slave owners to reclaim escaped slaves as long as they could provide proof of ownership.
  • He was the only known member of the Donquixote Family who did not have blond hair.
  • He was the second member of the Donquixote Family to declare himself as a human. The first was Donquixote Homing.
  • His name may be a combination of two concepts of Norse mythology: Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor, and Asgard, one of the nine realms.


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