Dotaku is a samurai who resides in Wano Country.


Dotaku is an elderly man with blonde sideburns, beard and mustache. The top of his head is bald, and he possesses a scar above his left eye. He wears a gray kimono and coat with dark and light red stripes.


Dotaku is quite analytical, as he immediately considered all the challenges a potentional rebellion would face. He appeared unwilling to take part in combat due to his age, but his desire for vengeance convinced him to join the raid on Onigashima in the end.

Abilities and Powers

Despite his age, Dotaku can hold his own against the forces of Onigashima and managed to avoid being infected by Ice Oni.


Dotaku uses a sword in combat.


Wano Country Saga

Wano Country Arc

Dotaku held a conversation with Kojuro and another man regarding the Kozuki’s secret message. He stated that if he were 10 years younger, he would want to fight and asks Kojuro what he would do for weapons considering all but samurai are allowed to carry a katana by law. He also mentions that by banning all dojos, Orochi has removed all combat training that could be used as a means for an organized rebellion against him.

He later took part in the raid on Onigashima and fought alongside Kojuro. When Kojuro was succumbing to the effects of Ice Oni, Dotaku tried to encourage him to hold on to his sanity.


  • In the closing credits of Episode 918, Dotaku is referred to as a “old man” (老人, rōjin?)


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