Dr. Fishbonen is a Marine naval surgeon (軍医 Gun’i) stationed at Marineford.


Fishbonen is a tall broad man with a distinctive hair style. He has been seen chewing a fish bone when talking, fitting his theme. He wears a stethescope, blue shirt with light-blue dots, and a yellow scarf. He has a partially visible tattoo on his left arm.


He appears to be rather kind and jolly, and knows Garp, as he is a member of the Marines.

Abilities and Powers

Fishbonen appears to be a skilled doctor, as he is trusted by the Marines. He also has knowledge of Haki, as he knew of Koby’s Haki awakening and even what could have caused the awakening.


Summit War Saga

Post-War Arc

Fishbonen was seen nursing the wounded Marine soldiers after the war. He told Koby about his Haki awakening and advised him to train under Vice Admiral Garp.


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