“Memorial Blade” Fugar is the bandmaster (船長バンマス, banmasu?) of the Social Club, a subordinate pirate crew of the Red Hair Pirates.


Fugar is an old man with white hair, a long white beard, and a mustache. He has dentures which tend to pop out when he is talking. He wears a bicorne with his Jolly Roger on and a typical captain’s coat.


Fugar is very loyal to Shanks and willing to fight strong enemies for his sake despite his own weakness.

Abilities and Powers

As the bandmaster of the Social Club, Fugar has authority over his crew. However, he and his crew are famous for being weak, like other subordinates of the Red Hair Pirates.


Final Saga

Egghead Arc

Fugar and his crew, together with eight other ships, confronted the Kid Pirates at sea near Elbaf.

Major Battles

  • Red Hair Pirates and subordinates crews vs. Kid Pirates

Translation and Dub Issues

His epithet “Memorial Blade” (慰霊刃, Ireba?) is a pun on “dentures” (入れ歯, ireba?).


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