Commander Gaburu (ガブル隊長, Gaburu Taichō?) was a revolutionist commander who led a militia group on an unknown island.


Gaburu greatly resembled Caribou, as his subordinates easily mistook the pirate for him. The only differences between the two are that Gaburu lacked a beard and Caribou’s signature cowlick. Gaburu also wore a green beret with a red star much like his subordinates.


Little is known about Gaburu’s personality, but he seems to have enjoyed his grandmother’s meat pies.



Gaburu is very much admired by his subordinates, as they were overjoyed to the point of tears when they thought he was still alive, and were later seen cheering when they thought he had returned.


Gaburu had quite an affectionate relationship with his grandmother, as he liked her meat pies and she carried a picture of him with a written sign of love on the frame. Her love for her grandson led her to be affectionate towards Caribou, who bears a striking resemblance to Gaburu, though she is well aware that he is really the infamous pirate.

Gaburu’s grandmother.

Gaburu and his grandmother.

Abilities and Powers

Not much is known about his abilities since he has yet to make an appearance but as a commander, it can be assumed that he had control over his subordinates.



Gaburu used to be the commander of a revolutionary militia, but at some point in his life, he died, leaving his men without a commander.


While searching for Gaburu, his subordinates encountered Caribou on one of Kaidou’s favorite islands and mistook the pirate for him. Caribou eventually decided to impersonate Gaburu in order to lead the island’s revolutionaries against Scotch.

Translation and Dub Issues

Curiously, the manga has given his name two different romanizations: Gaburu (on the covers of Chapter 702 and Chapter 719) and Gabull (on the cover of Chapter 708). The Viz manga has maintained both of these when translating their respective covers, though its initial romanization (on the cover of Chapter 696) was Gobble.

For the purposes of this wiki, Gaburu—being the most recent and often-used—is treated as the canonical spelling.


  • His name and appearance might be inspired by Che Guevara.


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