Gama Pyonnosuke

Gama Pyonnosuke

Gama Pyonnosuke is a toad that sat atop Usopp’s head during his stay in Wano Country.


Gama Pyonnosuke is an average-looking toad with green skin, and three black strips on his head.


Pyonnosuke is rather cautious, as he decided to stay with Usopp for safety.



Pyonnosuke was being watched by a snake when Usopp passed by the two. Pyonnosuke then jumped on top of Usopp, who promptly became scared by the snake and ran off.

Wano Country Arc

Pyonnosuke sat atop Usopp’s head when he acted as a toad oil salesman.


Video Games

Non-playable Appearances

  • One Piece Treasure Cruise


  • Gama (ガマ?) can literally mean “toad” in Japanese.
  • The first part of Pyonnosuke’s name may be derived from pyon-pyon (ピョンピョン?), the Japanese onomatopoeia for springing or jumping, equivalent to “boing” in English, referring to toads hopping.


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