Gambo is the deputy commander of the South Army in the Revolutionary Army and the assistant of Lindbergh.


Gambo is a rotund, egg-shaped man with a large, crescent-shaped mustache, light hair and blushy cheeks. He wears a tack-shaped hat, overalls with a checkered pattern, a buttoned shirt and a bowtie.


As a member of the Revolutionary Army, Gambo has no qualms with challenging the World Government, especially with his status as an officer.

Gambo enjoys bets and will use any opportunity to start one.

Abilities and Powers

As a deputy commander within the Revolutionary Army, Gambo has some degree of command over lower ranking revolutionaries, especially those within the South Army, where his authority is second only to his direct superior, Lindbergh.


Four years ago Gambo was on the Wind Granma along with Belo Betty and Morley, greeting Kuma after his travels.

Whole Cake Island Saga

Levely Arc

Gambo was present on Momoiro Island with Belo Betty and Koala after the plan to infiltrate the Levely had been put into action.

Final Saga

Egghead Arc

Gambo and his fellow deputy commanders Ushiano, Ahiru and Jiron were at the coast of Momoiro Island when they spotted a ship sailing towards them. Gambo suggested a bet over whether the ship was an enemy, to which Jiron agreed and bet on it being Sabo returning. After Jiron turned out to be correct, Gambo refused to pay and accused him of cheating with a telescope, while Jiron ate the telescope to erase the evidence.


  • His name be derived from “gamble”, referencing his interest in making bets.


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