“Ball Fingers” Gerotini is the captain of the Puddle Pirates, a pirate crew subordinate to the Red Hair Pirates.


Gerotini is man with a frog-like appearance. He has an oval-shaped head with short dark hair that connects to a short beard at the sideburns. His eyes are squinted, his nose is completely flat and his upper lip is pointy at the middle. The tips of his fingers are ball-shaped, giving him his epithet.


Gerotini has the tendency to flub his lines with frog-related words, and he has the verbal tic “ribbit” ( ゲロ, gero?). He is very loyal to Shanks and willing to fight strong enemies for his sake despite his own weakness.

Abilities and Powers

As the captain of the Puddle Pirates, Gerotini has authority over his crew. However, he and his crew are famous for being weak, like other subordinates of the Red Hair Pirates.


Final Saga

Egghead Arc

Gerotini, along with his crew and the rest of the Red Hair Pirates fleet, went to Elbaf to see Shanks. When the Kid Pirates attacked the island, Gerotini and his crew confronted them, warning them to leave the island. When they were ignored, he listened to Shanks’ warning and retreated to Elbaf.


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