Gimlet was the infant son of Senor Pink and Russian.


He was always seen wearing a baby bonnet during his short life, and his father would later wear one of them himself. He also had one small brown curl in his hair which would stick out from under the bonnet. When putting on Gimlet’s bonnet to show Russian, Senor Pink remarked that Gimlet had his face.


Not much is known about his personality because of his short life, but he was seen smiling in a picture his parents had.


Senor Pink

Senor Pink was Gimlet’s father. Although not much interaction is shown between them, Pink seemed to care for his son very much. He was devastated when he learned of his death, and kept on honoring him by wearing baby clothes despite the teasing of others.


Russian was Gimlet’s mother. She deeply loved him and was devastated by his death.



He was born shortly after his parents were married, sometime before the Donquixote Pirates overtook Dressrosa. Soon into his life, he fell ill with a fever while his father was away, and he died.


Sometime later, when his mother was in a vegetative state, Senor Pink wore his pacifier and clothing to make his mother smile. This is what led to Pink wearing baby’s clothing to this day.


  • Gimlet is the youngest known character to have died in the series.


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