Giro Chintaro

Giro Chintaro

Giro Chintaro is a samurai from Wano Country who was appointed as the kaishakunin for Zorojuro’s seppuku ritual.


Chintaro is an average-sized man with prominent eyebrows, nose and chin. He has a stubble of a beard and black hair tied in a topknot, but the top of his head is bald. He wears a black kimono and light blue hakama with his kimono sleeves with a tasuki.


Chintaro is a serious person with a strong sense of samurai honor. He is able to carry out his role as a beheader in a seppuku ritual without any hesitation.

Abilities and Powers


Chintaro carries two katana with him. He has some skill in swordsmanship as he was entrusted to behead Zorojuro when he commits seppuku.


Wano Country Arc

Chintaro acted as the kaishakunin in the seppuku ritual of Zorojuro, who had been falsely convicted by Toyama Tsujigiro. When Zorojuro questioned the lack of a hilt on his blade, Chintaro explained the proper etiquette of seppuku.


  • Chintaro’s full name is a pun on the Japanese’s pronunciation of “guillotine” (ギロチン, girochin?), referencing his entrusted job of beheading Zoro.


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