Gorishiro is a gorilla that is attached to Mizerka’s body due to her consumption of a gorilla SMILE.


Gorishiro is a standard gorilla from the legs up, growing from Mizerka’s hips. He has pink fur, purplish skin, and white fingernails. Mizerka’s upper body sticks out of his abdomen, with her arms still inside Gorishiro. He also wears a white belt with yellow dots, and a minimalistic Jolly Roger of the Beasts Pirates, and a set of yellow- and black-striped headphones.


Gorishiro has a mind of his own, allowing him to act independently of Mizerka. He does share her enthusiasm during the Golden Kagura, and where Queen declared a way for Mizerka to became a Tobiroppo. He seems to behave very much like a stereotypical gorilla would, having a preference for bananas and being a messy eater.



Gorishiro shares a body with Mizerka after the latter consumed a Gorilla SMILE Devil Fruit, and so the two normally act in tandem. Gorishiro lax nature however, sometimes clashes with Mizerka’s temper, example by the way he messily ate a banana while the Beasts Pirates were preparing to ambush Monkey D. Luffy.

Abilities and Powers

Though he is limited by only going where Mizerka goes, Gorishiro was ready to fight Luffy and Roronoa Zoro at a moment’s notice, showing he is a capable fighter. Gorishiro possesses a notable degree of strength, and is able to unleash powerful punches that can overwhelm lower-ranking members of the Beasts Pirates.


Wano Country Arc

On the day of the Fire Festival, Gorishiro was seen with Mizerka taking part in Queen’s Golden Kagura festivities. When the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance later invaded Onigashima, Mizerka, other Gifters, and Scratchmen Apoo stood in Luffy and Zoro’s way. After the Alliance invaded the tower, Mizerka and Poker were stationed on the third level at the base of the stairs to the fourth level, where Gorishiro ate a banana above Mizerka and dropped crumbs on her head, annoying her.

Mizerka and Gorishiro later went to the Live Floor, and the latter attacked some of their crewmates who had defected. However, Tama then ordered the Gifters she had tamed with kibi dango, which included Mizerka, to fight against Kaidou, causing Mizerka and Gorishiro to defect to her side.

Major Battles

  • Gorishiro and Mizerka vs. members of Beasts Pirates


  • “Gori” is likely a reference to him being a gorilla, while “shiro” is a male naming suffix used for the fourth son of a family.


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