Guernica is a masked agent of CP0.

Due to his actions and role, he is a supporting antagonist during the Wano Country Arc.


Guernica wears a white bowler hat, a dark purple and blue polka dotted scarf, a white long coat, and what looks like a dark blue, light yellow-gold, red award ribbon on his blazer. He wears his tie loosely. He has a flat face with a thin mustache and beard, a scar under his light-colored right eye, and markings under his pure black left eye. What appears to be a mask seems more likely to be white make-up, as his mouth was moving while he addressed the people.


Like most of CP0’s agents, Guernica is professional and prioritizes his missions above all else. However, he can be quick to anger as shown when he attacked Apoo at point blank range for calling him and Maha the World Nobles’ dogs, and was even willing to eliminate Drake, an undercover agent of SWORD whom he considers to be an inconvenience. He also expressed envy towards Drake for his self-determination. When Guernica was confronted by Kaido for his interference, he allowed himself to be attack by Kaido without fear or attempting to flee.

Abilities and Powers

Guernica is considered by the Five Elders to be one of their finest agents. This is also indicated by the fact that he wears a mask, a sign of elite status within CP0. He often acts as a spokesperson for the organization as a whole.

During their pursuit of Robin, Guernica and Maha defeated various powerful individuals present at Onigashima, including numerous Mink warriors. They also faced two members of the Worst Generation, Apoo and X Drake, alongside Zanki and Inbi (two of the Numbers). Here he defeated X Drake with apparent ease, which caused Apoo and Inbi to decide to abandon the fight upon seeing the strength of the two agents.

Physical Abilities

Guernica displayed a great degree of stamina and endurance, showing few signs of exhaustion after multiple battles. He dove through Kazenbo and emerged unscathed, despite being engulfed in flames in the process. Apoo’s sound-based explosion, which was powerful enough to temporarily knock Luffy unconscious, had little effect on him. Even getting stabbed through the back with a sword by X Drake did not stop him from reaching the top of Onigashima to interfere in Luffy and Kaidou’s battle.

Guernica is very fast, having been able to reach the top of Onigashima in a short period of time. Furthermore, he was able to latch onto Luffy before he could unleash his attack against Kaidou and get away from the latter just before he can land his attack on Luffy.


Main article: Rokushiki

As an agent of CP0, the elite Cipher Pol agency, Guernica is a master assassin and user of Rokushiki. He was shown to have access to Soru, Shigan, and Tekkai. His Tekkai was strong enough to hold back Luffy in his Boundman form for a few moments, allowing Kaidou to land a near fatal attack.


Dressrosa Saga

Dressrosa Arc

Guernica, Joseph, and Gismonda traveled to Dressrosa in order to dismiss the previously reported revocation of Donquixote Doflamingo from the Seven Warlords of the Sea as a printing mistake to the country’s population. They also insisted that the citizens remain quiet about this until the new report was published.

The three agents later wandered around the island and were spotted by Nico Robin, Trafalgar Law, Caesar Clown, and Usopp.

Wano Country Saga

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

One Piece: Stampede

He joined the other members of CP0 after the Pirates Festival, and watched as Lucci reported the incident after Douglas Bullet’s defeat.

Concludes non-canon section.

Wano Country Arc

In the Flower Capital, Guernica, Maha, and Joseph negotiated with Shogun Kurozumi Orochi about the new supply of weapons to the World Government after the arrest of Donquixote Doflamingo. Due to Orochi’s surreal demands, CP0 was unable to agree to his terms.

On the day of the Fire Festival, Guernica and the two other agents stayed in Onigashima’s guest room and used a Go board to track the forces during the raid on Onigashima, with Guernica expressing satisfaction in two pirate forces weakening each other. Guernica also took part in the discussion regarding Who’s-Who, agreeing with Joseph that Who’s-Who’s chances of living were not high as the Tobiroppo was facing the former Warlord, Jinbe.

Guernica then received a call via Den Den Mushi from Rob Lucci, who told him that the World Government was planning on annexing Wano Country under their direct control if Kaidou lost. Lucci also told him that they had direct orders on capturing Robin due to the danger she posed to the world. Guernica and Maha left their room and pursued Robin, defeating several minks who tried to stop them. When Brook then carried Robin over a ledge, the agents chased after them to the second basement floor of Kaidou’s castle. As the agents jumped down towards Robin and Brook, they were engulfed by Kurozumi Kanjuro’s Kazenbo, but emerged unscathed.

Guernica noticed that Scratchmen Apoo was photographing them. When the pirate bragged about selling the pictures to Morgans, Guernica used Shigan to stab him, causing the pirate to fall to the ground. Guernica then addressed X Drake and confessed to knowing he was a secret Marine. When Drake questioned why the government agents were there as well, Guernica attacked him but was interrupted by Apoo, who had survived the attack. The pirates then allied themselves against the two government agents. After Apoo and Inbi abandoned the fight and fled, the agents defeated Drake and Zanki. Guernica then received the call from Joseph, reminding them of their mission to capture Robin while also informing them of the All-Stars’ defeat at the hands of the alliance. However, Joseph pointed out there were still two Emperors to defeat, but should they fall at the hand of the new generation, this would set the course for the times to come.

Guernica and Maha reached the first basement floor, where they encountered Izou, who had dropped down from the crawlspace above. Guernica was willing to overlook the Whitebeard Pirate’s presence for the sake of their mission in capturing Robin and dealing with the Straw Hats, but Izou refused to let them leave. The fight ended with a double knockout of Maha and Izou. Guernica then received another call from Joseph, who said that they had received a direct order from the Five Elders, telling them to immediately eliminate Luffy to prevent him from defeating Kaidou. However, Guernica said that it would be impossible, even going as far as to ask why he had to interfere in the Kaidou fight, knowing the repercussion from his interference. Unbeknownst to Guernica, Drake had gotten up and followed after the agents. After overhearing the call, Drake stabbed Guernica through the back. Drake explained that this was his form of justice, to which Guernica replied that he envied Drake’s conviction. The agent then used Soru to free himself and use Shigan, piercing Drake through the neck and knocking him unconscious.

Guernica made his way to the rooftop and used Tekkai to hold Luffy back, causing Kaidou to unfairly win the battle, much to the Emperor’s dismay. Knowing that there would be consequences from interfering, Guernica only tipped his hat as he accepted his fate, which resulted in him being struck by Kaidou’s kanabo. While the Five Elders immediately assumed that Guernica died in the aftermath, he somehow managed to take a picture of Luffy’s awakened form and send it to the Marines. It is currently unknown if he is alive or not, as Joseph left Onigashima alone.

Major Battles

  • Guernica and Maha vs. Minks
  • Guernica and Maha vs. X Drake, Scratchmen Apoo, Inbi, and Zanki
    • Guernica vs. X Drake


  • His name is likely derived from Pablo Picasso’s painting Guernica, an anti-war painting created in response to the Spanish Civil War.
    • He and his fellow CP0 agent Maha may also share a reference to the Japanese writer Maha Harada and her book Guernica Undercover (暗幕のゲルニカ, Anmaku no Gerunika?), which focuses on the aforementioned painting.


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