This is about the archaeologist from Ohara named Hack. For the fish-man, see Hack.

Hack was one of the archaeologists of Ohara.


Hack was an average sized man, with small eyes and a round nose. He had curly hair, and wore a striped short sleeved shirt, with light colored pants.


Not much is known of Hack’s personality, but he did seem to care for knowledge, as he tried to save the library of Ohara.

Abilities and Powers

As an archaeologist of Ohara, it can be assumed that Hack was able to decipher the poneglyphs.



For the penalty of studying the forbidden poneglyph, the World Government declared the archaeologists of Ohara as “demons” for attempting to destroy the world, and had Spandine set the Buster Call on the island. Hack died in the island’s destruction when the Tree of Knowledge burned down with him still inside trying to save as many books as he could.

Anime and Manga Differences

In the anime, Hack made only one appearance in Robin’s celebration for passing the archaeological exam, while in the manga he appeared in several small and hidden panels.


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