Ham Burger

Ham Burger

For the member of the Foxy Pirates, see Hamburg.

Ham Burger is the king of the Ballywood Kingdom, acting as chairman of the most recent Levely.


Ham Burger is a stern-looking older man with prominent cheekbones, a pointy pink nose, and a square jaw. He has bushy black hair and beard.

He wears a black suit with a white frilly shirt and a dark blue bow tie. He also has white gloves and a blue top hat with red stars.


Ham Burger appears to be a man of conviction, as even though he walks slowly, he has stated that he has never turned around.

Abilities and Powers

As king of the Ballywood Kingdom, Burger has control over its citizens and is able to attend the Levely.

Having been appointed chairman of the Levely, Ham Burger was granted temporary power by the World Government to conduct the discussions that took place in the event.


Whole Cake Island Saga

Levely Arc

Ham Burger arrived at the Red Port to attend the Levely at Mary Geoise. When going up the Bondolas, Sterry claimed he saw a giant in the Red Line’s wall, but Ham Burger believed he was hallucinating. Ham Burger and the Levely participants with him later reached the top of the Red Line and they made their way to the Pangaea Castle.

The royals eventually gathered inside the conference room, and Burger, having been appointed the chairman, called everyone to order as the Levely began. During the fourth day of discussions, Ham Burger received news that King Cobra and Wapol would be unable to participate further in the Levely, before proceeding with the itinerary.

Wano Country Saga

Wano Country Arc

After the Levely ended, Ham Burger departed Mary Geoise.


  • Ham Burger’s appearance is likely inspired by United States’ sixteenth president Abraham Lincoln. His face, star-covered top hat, bow tie, and jacket also resemble the American symbol Uncle Sam.
    • Hamburgers and other fast-food items are commonly associated with the United States, fitting with the name of Ballywood Kingdom, which is most likely named after Hollywood.


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