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For Nico Robin’s Devil Fruit, see Hana Hana no Mi.

O-Hana is a citizen of Wano Country, residing in the Flower Capital.


Hana is an average size woman with fair skin and blonde hair tied up in a shimada with a hairpin. She wears a blue flower over her right temple, and a light teal kimono with a purple obi.


Not much is known about Hana’s personality since she was only shown in dire situations, during which she was timid and frightful.



Twenty-five years ago, Hana was one of the people abducted by Kurozumi Orochi and was meant to be used as a slave until being freed thanks to Kozuki Oden.

Five years later, she was present at Oden’s execution, and heard Shinobu’s outburst at the spectators, and learned the truth about her capture, release, and Oden.


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