Hanji (Shopkeeper)

Hanji (Shopkeeper)

Hanji is a resident of Wano Country who has been running a pawn shop for over 10 years.


Hanji is a portly man with a thick neck, drooping eyes, a large mouth, and a thin mustache. He has chin-length brown hair that curls outward on the sides, and he has a topknot. Hanji wears a teal kimono with green rippled patterning, and a burgundy coat.


Little is known about Hanji’s personality. He initially had trouble recalling who purchased the blueprints to Kaidou’s fortress from him.



Ten years ago, Hanji purchased the blueprints to Kaidou’s fortress from Minatomo.

Wano Country Saga

Wano Country Arc

Hanji was visited at his shop by Franky, who wanted to acquire the blueprints. He told Franky that he had sold the blueprints ages ago to Kumagoro.


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