Hara is a resident who lives in the Flower Capital of Wano Country.


Hara is a stocky man with a double chin and lumps under and above his eyes. He has long, curly brown hair which is tied in a topknot but loose on the sides. He wears light green kimono with yellow dots and light blue line patterns, as well as a gray cape with green leaf patterns.


Hara is a timid man who is visibly afraid of the consequences of talking negatively about Shogun Orochi. He is also easily scared by stories such as Kyoshiro’s retelling of the “vengeful ghosts” interpretation of Toki’s prophecy. However, he seems somewhat curious as he woke Kyoshiro up to finish his story.


Wano Country Arc

Hara was present at Kyoshiro’s residence when the latter started criticizing Shogun Kurozumi Orochi for fearing vengeance by “ghosts” of the Kozuki Family. Hara attempted to stop Kyoshiro from speaking loudly but was rebuffed. When Kyoshiro fell asleep in the middle of his story, Hara woke him up to finish it.


  • His name is likely derived from “hara hara” (ハラハラ?), a sound effect for anxious shivering which appears when he is afraid of Kyoshiro’s speech.


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