Heppoko is a member of the Alvida Pirates and the older[citation needed] triplet brother of Peppoko and Poppoko.


Heppoko is a tanned skinned man, with a large forehead and short black hair. He also has a black mustache and goatee. He wears a yellow short sleeved shirt, and has a hairy chest.


Typical of his thuggish appearance, Heppoko likes to intimidate Koby due to his low status and timid personality. He fears Alvida, and tried to deny slacking off (which she hates) when she found him doing so. He, like the rest of the crew, calls her beautiful simply to avoid her Iron Mace.

Abilities and Powers

Heppoko wielded a sword against Luffy that was broken by him.

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

In One Piece King Battle, Heppoko is proficient at using his sword.


  • Jumping Chop (跳跃斩): Heppoko jumps high in the air and slashes downward on his opponent.
  • Ten Consecutive Cuts (十连斩): Heppoko cuts his opponents in a series of rapid slashes.
  • Floating Sky Chop (浮空斩): Heppoko attacks his opponent with a forceful cut, damaging them greatly.
  • Hundred Consecutive Cuts (百连斩): Heppoko jumps forward to perform a high-speed chop.

Concludes non-canon section.


Heppoko was present when Alvida heard of a new warlord was installed.

Romance Dawn Arc

Heppoko, along with his crewmates Peppoko, Poppoko and Koby, found Luffy in the barrel he had drifted to their hideout in. Luffy punched Heppoko when he woke up and broke out of the barrel. The first three intimidated Koby due to his low status as a ship caretaker, and tried to attack Luffy, but were defeated. After that, they reported to Alvida when she attacked them, thinking they were slacking off.

Manga and Anime Differences

Although the three appeared in the anime, Heppoko appeared in a different scene than the others; instead another miscellaneous crew member replaced him when Luffy’s barrel was opened.


Video Games

Playable Appearances

  • One Piece King Battle

Enemy Appearances

  • Birth of Luffy’s Dream Pirate Crew!
  • Aim! The King of Berry
  • Ocean’s Dream! – Oceans of Dreams


  • In One Piece King Battle, Heppoko was incorrectly named Peppoko (贝波克, Bèi bō kè)


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