“Black Cage” Hina is a Marine officer and a former classmate of Vice Admiral Smoker. She currently leads the Black Cage Corps, a unit (containing Jango and Fullbody among others) tasked with patrolling the seas around the Arabasta Kingdom.

Originally introduced as a captain, she was promoted to the rank of rear admiral some time after the Summit War of Marineford.


Hina is a tall, slim woman with dark brown eyes and straight, waist-length pink hair worn in a middle part. She wears dark red lipstick and is sometimes seen smoking a cigarette.

During her first appearance, she wore a burgundy-purple two-piece suit over a white blouse, as well as dark brown shoes and a pair of dark gloves.

Her second outfit consists of a purple shirt with a deep neckline and golden motifs on the front, matching long pants, and high-heeled shoes. She also sports a bead necklace around her neck and a pair of purple sunglasses either covering her eyes or on her forehead.

As with most Marines, Hina often accompanies her outfit with a long white Marine jacket draped over her shoulders like a cape. The only difference is that she retains her signature color on the epaulettes, which was light blue, while Marines officers normally have red and blue epaulettes.

As a child, she had the same haircut but with shorter hair. She wore a plain striped dress and shoes. She was depicted as keeping several pet birds in cages, in reference to her Devil Fruit.

Video Games

Hina in the Marine Team in One Piece: Going Baseball.

Hina in One Py Berry Match.

Hina as a child as depicted in Treasure Cruise.

Hina (Marineford) in One Piece Thousand Storm.

Hina (Marine Headquarters) in One Piece Thousand Storm.

Hina in One Piece Bounty Rush.


Hina is immensely sober and dignified, rarely showing any significant emotion even in defeat. Though not sadistic or fanatical like many other high-ranking Marines, she is ruthlessly pragmatic in her work, and willing to exploit any possible advantage over criminals. At the same time, she is fairly tolerant of unprofessionalism from other Marines, even her direct subordinates.

Contrasting her coolheaded demeanor, Hina routinely speaks in the third person (e.g., “Hina failed”), a trait stereotypical of young children and women trying to affect an “innocent” air. Her reasons for this, if any, remain unknown.

Hina also seems to be quite knowledgeable on historical facts, such as the legendary Rocks Pirates, whose existence is only more commonly known among older Marines (e.g. Garp and Sengoku) rather than most Marines of her generation.




Hina is a long-time friend of Vice Admiral Smoker, having joined the Marines at the same time he did. She has helped him escape from situations that could have gotten him fired. Because they have known each other for a long time, Hina calls him Smoker-kun (a Japanese honorific used usually for younger peers) while Smoker addresses Hina by her name alone (which, in Japanese, shows either a sign of disrespect or closeness).

Jango and Fullbody

Jango and Fullbody tend to follow Hina around. She does not respond to their words of adoration, but she also seems to be rather forgiving of them when they goof off and dance, as they usually do. She took them in as subordinates in recognition of their (moderate) strength.

Abilities and Powers

Hina has proven to be quite perceptive, as she was able to see through Miss Goldenweek’s, Mr. 5’s, and Miss Valentine’s disguises by looking at their wanted posters.

She is a skilled unarmed combatant and was able, with the aid of her Devil Fruit, to defeat Mr. 2 Bon Kurei, an extremely powerful hand-to-hand fighter, in a one-on-one battle on two separate occasions.

Devil Fruit

Further information: Ori Ori no Mi

Hina ate the Ori Ori no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows her to create iron bars and create iron bindings on her opponents. This power earned her the nickname “Hina the Black Cage”.

She can place restraints on people by swiping her limbs through them, as the victims passes through her body, the body part they pass through turns into an iron restraint, leaving them trapped in a ring of iron. The body part she uses regenerates immediately.

She can also extend long iron cage bars from her body which she can use to strike at her opponents. These bars are able to wrap around and trap anyone who interacts with them, friend and foe alike. This allows Hina to bind multiple people at once.


Although she has not been shown wielding any weapons, Hina has at her disposal the Black Cage Corps (黒檻部隊, Kuroori Butai?). So far only the “Black Cage Corps: Black Spear Squadron” (黒檻部隊 黒ヤリの陣, Kuroori Butai: Kuroyari no Jin?) has been seen.



In her youth, Hina trained as a Marine cadet alongside Smoker. Though a model of obedience and professionalism, she remained friends with the defiant, disorderly Smoker, and on several occasions helped protect him from higher-ups. Eventually, both reached the rank of Captain.

Arabasta Saga

Jango’s Dance Paradise

By pure coincidence, Hina passed by “Ironfist” Fullbody’s unit shortly after Fullbody had sacrificed his Lieutenant rank to help exonerate the Black Cat Pirates’ ex-captain Jango. Though the two men had planned to part ways forever, they immediately became smitten with Hina after one glimpse, and instead applied to her unit as lowest-class seamen. Still having a soft spot for unconventional personnel, Hina accepted.

Arabasta Arc

During the peak of Arabasta’s civil war, Hina and her unit were summoned by Smoker to help investigate and quash Baroque Works operations along the kingdom’s coast. In time, they captured the rainmaking ship Full, a convoy for the illicit Dance Powder that agitated the war; when this coincided with sudden rain, Hina wondered aloud if Smoker had created it with the powder, but was repudiated. At his request (and after losing a coin toss), she prepared the Full and all other evidence of Baroque Works, including the defeated Crocodile, for transport to Marine Headquarters.

The following day, Hina received Tashigi and the rest of Smoker’s unit at the port town of Tamarisk. Here, she witnessed Headquarters officials trying to bestow Smoker and Tashigi all credit for subduing Crocodile, and Smoker furiously protesting in favor of Arabasta’s true saviors: the Straw Hat Pirates. Recognizing the World Government would never acknowledge pirate heroism, Hina urged Smoker to accept the honors and not defy his superiors, only for Smoker to loudly insult the entire cover-up.

In any case, the Marines were tasked with capturing the Straw Hats, as well as any remaining Baroque Works personnel. While Smoker’s unit made little, if any effort toward this, Hina mobilized her Black Cage Corps and encircled the entire Arabasta coast. Her blockade, thirty ships strong, captured all but two fugitive ships: the Straw Hats’ Going Merry and Mr. 2 Bon Kurei’s Swanda Express.

Allied together, the two crews charged Hina’s blockade head-on, sustaining heavy damage from her Black Cage formation but managing to sink a key portion (coincidentally, the one carrying Fullbody and Jango). To Hina’s surprise, only the Swanda Express used this opening. Seeing the Straw Hats onboard, she sent her remaining ships in pursuit, assuming the Merry was a decoy. Too late, she found these “Straw Hats” were Mr. 2’s crew in disguise, supported by Mr. 2’s shapeshifting powers; having resolved to sacrifice their ship and themselves for the Straw Hats’ sake, Mr. 2 and his men proceeded to attack Hina’s flagship.

Deeply irritated, Hina defeated the entire crew in single combat. While restraining the last of them with her powers, she reported the Straw Hats’ escape to Smoker and dryly noted that he seemed to approve.

Water 7 Saga

Miss Goldenweek’s “Operation: Meet Baroque Works”

Some time after his arrest, Mr. 2 managed to escape custody, and Hina and her unit resumed hunting for him as well as other Baroque Works fugitives. One of their main sites of interest was Kyuka Island, known to have hosted vacations for various agents.

Before long, Hina spotted Miss Goldenweek, Mr. 5, and Miss Valentine wandering the island in slipshod disguises. Attacking, she easily captured Miss Valentine, but failed to stop the other two from escaping under cover of Mr. 5’s explosive powers. Undaunted, Hina arranged a public execution for Miss Valentine, announcing that she would only be spared if the other fugitives surrendered.

In time, Hina’s ultimatum was met—by Mr. 2, once again using himself as a decoy to help his friends. Morphed into a “surrendering” Mr. 3, he ambushed Hina and her unit so Mr. 5 and Miss Goldenweek could rescue Miss Valentine. While the lower-ranked trio escaped (stealing one of her ships in the process), Hina successfully defeated and recaptured Mr. 2 in addition to the real Mr. 3.

Summit War Saga

Amazon Lily Arc

When the execution of Portgas D. Ace was announced, Hina reported to the summoning of the Marines to reinforce Marineford.

Marineford Arc

Three hours before Ace’s execution, Hina listened to Sengoku’s speech about Ace’s past. She later attacked Luffy, but he activated Gear 2 and dodged her attempt to ensnare him, leaving her attacking her own allies. She silently admitted defeat to herself.

At the end of the war, she stood next to her fellow Marines.

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Dressrosa Saga

One Piece Film: Z

Hina attended a summit after former Admiral Zephyr, now leader of the Neo Marines, attacked a Marine base and stole the Dyna Stones. She was seen standing beside Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, silently listening as the others discussed the matter.

Concludes non-canon section.

Whole Cake Island Saga

Zou Arc

As the Nefertari Family departed Arabasta for the Levely, Hina and her men escorted them to Mary Geoise.

Levely Arc

Hina was later present at Red Port when the Marines intercepted a communication between Big Mom and Kaidou. Hina spoke with Garp about a powerful pirate group named Rocks that existed before Roger’s era.

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Wano Country Saga

One Piece: Stampede

She is one of the Marines who arrive at Delta Island to capture the pirates. There she meets Smoker and is surprised to see him dressed as a pirate after he infiltrated the Pirates Festival.

Afterward, she is impressed when Douglas Bullet merges with several ships. During a Buster Call, Smoker asks her and her companions to leave the island. Although she, Tashigi, Koby and Helmeppo refuse to do so, she reluctantly obeys his directions, holding back her companions with her Ori Ori no Mi powers, and forcing them to leave the place.

Concludes non-canon section.

Final Saga

Egghead Arc

At New Marineford, Sengoku asked Hina if she knew where Garp was. Hina told him that Garp and members of SWORD went together to Hachinosu to rescue Koby. Both Sengoku and Tsuru reacted with shock.

Six days after the destruction of Lulusia Kingdom, Hina and other Marines at New Marineford felt a global earthquake caused by the event’s aftermath.

Major Battles

  • Hina vs. Mr. 2 Bon Kurei
  • Hina vs. Mr. 2 Bon Kurei (disguised as Monkey D. Luffy)
  • Marines and Seven Warlords of the Sea vs. Whitebeard Pirates and allies
    • Hina vs. Monkey D. Luffy

Translation and Dub Issues

“Hina” (ひな?) is an extant name for Japanese girls that corresponds to several different kanji. The most notable of these is 雛, which may refer to:

  • A type of ornamental doll used as the focus (and namesake) of the Hinamatsuri “girl’s day” festival.
    • This tradition later expanded the term into a general diminutive prefix for “cute” things, reflecting the character’s speech pattern (and popularity with male recruits).
  • A newborn or fledgling bird, following the series’ trend of giving female characters bird-themed names.

The 4Kids-dubbed anime, per standard policies, digitally erases her cigarette.

Early Concepts

Hina was originally intended to be called “Marushiano” (マルシアーノ). She also was supposed to have the rank of Ensign, rather than Captain. Although the character went through a name and rank change, the overall appearance remains the same. Furthermore, like how Fullbody is attracted to Hina, he was originally intended to be attracted to “Marushiano”.


Video Games

Playable Appearances

  • One Piece: Grand Battle! 3
  • One Piece: Going Baseball
  • One Py Berry Match
  • One Piece: Dance Battle
  • One Piece Treasure Cruise
  • One Piece Thousand Storm
  • One Piece Bounty Rush

Enemy Appearances

  • One Piece: Treasure Wars 2 Welcome to Buggyland
  • One Piece: Dragon Dream!

Support Appearances

  • One Piece: Gear Spirit
  • One Piece: Gigant Battle! 2 New World
  • One Piece: Dance Battle
  • One Piece: Burning Blood

Non-Playable Appearances

  • Grand Battle! 2
  • One Piece: Pirates Carnival


  • In the 5th fan polls of most popular character, Hina was ranked 105th.
  • Hina is the first Devil Fruit user to debut in a cover story (notwithstanding Alvida, who was introduced in Chapter 2 but debuted as a Devil Fruit user in Buggy’s Crew Adventure Chronicles).
  • Hina’s favorite foods are kebab and champagne.

SBS-Based Trivia

  • Hina’s birthday, March 3, is the modern (Gregorian) date for the Hinamatsuri festival.
  • Hina’s hobbies are horseback riding and clubbing.


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