Hiroshi is a resident of Bakura Town in Wano Country who runs a restaurant alongside Wakasa; the two of them own a tanuki named Saikoro which the sumo wrestler Urashima forced to be cooked and served to him.


Hiroshi is an older man with dark gray hair that is gathered into a topknot. He wears a vertically-striped gray and dark green kimono.


Hiroshi cares about his customers’ satisfaction and will be attentive to them if they express displeasure. While he expressed considerable shock at Urashima’s request to cook and serve him the tanuki that he and Wakasa had owned for many years, he was not shown trying to resist the command of the high-status samurai.

Abilities and Powers

As the proprietor of a restaurant, Hiroshi likely possesses skill in cooking.


Wano Country Arc

Hiroshi and Wakasa ran a restaurant together and owned a tanuki named Saikoro for many years. One day, the sumo wrestler Urashima was eating at the restaurant and knocked his food to the floor. Hiroshi and Wakasa rushed to see if anything was wrong, and Urashima told the two of them to cook Saikoro and serve it to him, to their great shock.


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