House is a member of the Kid Pirates.


House is a woman with wild hair, with some of it arranged in the shape of a small pair of horns above her head. She wears a leather jacket over a knee-length dress, which sports a cross design printed on its front.


Not much is known about House’s personality yet, but she is loyal to her captain and worries about his well-being.


Wano Country Saga

Wano Country Arc

House was one of the Kid Pirates witnessing her captain fight Big Mom on Onigashima’s Live Floor, showing worry when Big Mom looked like she had beaten him. Later, when Kid’s railgun attack proved to be not enough to finish off Big Mom at first, she was one of the members that tried to convince their captain to retreat, however, she was promptly ignored by him.


  • House is likely named after House music, an electronic music subgenre.


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