Ibusu is a supposed pirate captain who affiliates and trades with the Donquixote Pirates. As his ship is later discovered to be a trading vessel for the Doerena Kingdom, it is unknown if he is truly a pirate captain.


Ibusu is a short man with a long, unkempt beard and thick lips. He wears a pirate captain’s jacket and hat with his crew’s jolly roger—a standard skull with crossbones—on it and a white, frilled shirt underneath.


Not much is known about Ibusu’s personality, but he seems to respect Trebol.

Abilities and Powers

Nothing is known about Ibusu’s physical abilities.


Dressrosa Arc

Ibusu was negotiating a trade with the Donquixote Pirates when he and his crew were attacked by Bian and her pink hornets. When Trebol arrived to find out what the problem was, after thinking they were starting a riot, Ibusu calmly explained that they were just dealing with the hornets.


  • Ibusu may not actually be a pirate. Koala discovers that Ibusu’s pirate ship is actually a trading vessel for the Doerena Kingdom.


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