Ikkaku (Wano)

Ikkaku (Wano)

For the Heart Pirates member, see Ikkaku.

Ikkaku is an announcer who commentates sumo matches in Bakura Town in Wano Country.


Ikkaku is an average-sized man with blonde hair that is tied into a topknot and slicked upward in the front. He wears a black kimono with red leaf-like patterns on it, as well as a pair of sunglasses over his eyes.


Ikkaku is an enthusiastic announcer who describes the sumo matches and Urashima’s accomplishments in great detail. He appears to be a fan of Urashima, having stated that O-Kiku being engaged to marry him was a great honor.

Abilities and Powers

Ikkaku carries a Smart Tanishi which he speaks into in order to broadcast his commentary to the crowd.


Wano Country Arc

Ikkaku commentated on the sumo matches occurring in Bakura Town, which the yokozuna Urashima was utterly dominating. When Urashima expressed romantic interest in a woman named O-Kiku in the crowd, Ikkaku and those around him were greatly interested in this development. However, O-Kiku responded to Urashima’s actions by cutting off his topknot, leaving Ikkaku and the others completely aghast.


  • His appearance and character may be a reference to the World Tournament Announcer from the Dragon Ball series.


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