Information you need to know about One Piece Revolutionary Army

The world of One Piece is a dynamic realm shaped by three major forces, forming a triad of power: the Marines, the Shichibukai, and the Yonko. However, the emergence of the Revolutionary Army has cast a shadow over this delicate balance, prompting the World Government to pay special attention. The Revolutionary Army remains enigmatic to the majority of the audience. Let’s delve into the detailed information about the Revolutionary Army in One Piece World.

What is the One Piece Revolutionary Army?

Established by Monkey D. Dragon, the father of Luffy, the Revolutionary Army has evolved over the years into a formidable military organization that commands respect and caution from all quarters.

Flag of the Revolutionary Army in One Piece
Flag of the Revolutionary Army in One Piece

The primary objective of the Revolutionary Army is to liberate people worldwide and overthrow the rule of the World Government. They stand as the sole force in One Piece openly opposing the World Government and resisting the Celestial Dragons. For the Revolutionary Army, the corruption of the World Government and the tyranny of the Celestial Dragons are the worms infesting the proverbial pot, leading to increasing instability and the worsening plight of ordinary citizens.

This stance has made the Revolutionary Army a thorn in the side of the World Government. During the Reverie, King Thalassa Lucas declared the Revolutionary Army an extremely dangerous organization due to their ideals and actions. Any nation showing signs of revolution or aiding the Revolutionary Army becomes a target for government scrutiny and oppression. A notable example is Drum Island, where the change in leadership led to a warning from King Wapol about the government’s disapproval as it was seen as supporting the Revolutionary Army.

All members of the Revolutionary Army are branded as wanted criminals. High-ranking leaders, especially Dragon, are considered the “Most Wanted Men in the World.” While Sabo faces direct confrontation with Admiral Fujitora, Emporio Ivankov and Inazuma are imprisoned on Level 5 of Impel Down. Furthermore, upon learning that Luffy is Dragon’s son, the Marines plan to eliminate Luffy as a precaution against potential threats.

Operational Approach

The core mission of the Revolutionary Army revolves around opposing the World Government and everything it represents. They tirelessly work towards freeing slaves and liberating islands governed by local authorities subservient to the World Government.

As an independent grassroots organization, building military strength is a significant goal for the Revolutionary Army. To arm themselves adequately, members actively seek ways to gather and stockpile weapons. One successful strategy involved monitoring Doflamingo’s activities in the underworld to gain crucial intelligence on his weapon trafficking. With Doflamingo defeated, the Revolutionary Army swiftly took control and benefited from the weapons stockpiled in Dressrosa.

Members of the One Piece Revolutionary Army

The Revolutionary Army’s former base was on Baltigo, but after a fierce battle with Blackbeard’s pirate crew, they relocated to Momoiro Island, also known as Kamabakka Kingdom.

In the Revolutionary Army, Monkey D. Dragon leads as the supreme decision-maker, with Sabo serving as the supportive Chief of Staff. Below them are five commanders responsible for operations in different regions: Grand Line, North Blue, South Blue, East Blue, and West Blue.

Members of the Revolutionary Army were also recruited and trained from an early age.
Members of the Revolutionary Army were also recruited and trained from an early age.

Fleet Admiral Monkey D. Dragon

As the founder and leader, Monkey D. Dragon holds absolute control over the Revolutionary Army. While his personal combat abilities are yet to be revealed, his command over formidable members like Chief of Staff Sabo and the five commanders, who have defeated notorious pirates and marines in the Grand Line, speaks volumes. Known as the “Most Dangerous Man in the World,” Dragon exhibits a serious and business-minded demeanor. He remains vigilant, cautioning his subordinates not to celebrate small victories, reminding them of the significant challenges they face against the might of the World Government.

Chief of Staff Sabo

Sabo, holding the second-highest position in the Revolutionary Army, serves as the Chief of Staff supporting Admiral Dragon. His background is far from ordinary, being of noble descent, the son of Outlook III, and with his adopted brother, Sterry, being the reigning king of the Goa Kingdom. After escaping the kingdom in pursuit of freedom, Sabo had a fateful encounter at sea, saved by Dragon, leading to his entry into the Revolutionary Army.


Rigorous training on Mt. Colubo bestowed upon Sabo exceptional physical prowess. He could defeat Luffy fifty times in a day, surpass Ace in victories twenty-four times, and concede in defeats twenty-six times.


Belo Betty – Fleet Commander in the South Blue

Making her debut in Chapter 904 alongside three other commanders, Belo Betty possesses the Paramecia-type Devil Fruit, Kobu Kobu no Mi. This grants her the ability to inspire and boost the fighting spirit of those around her. Betty utilized this power to rally the people of Lulusia, empowering them to resist the Red-Haired Pirates.

Among the five commanders, Betty boasts the highest bounty, reaching 457,000,000 beri. Additionally, she wields both Armament and Observation Haki.

Morley – Fleet Commander in the West Blue

Morley adds an intriguing dimension to the Revolutionary Army. Despite appearances, Morley is a transgender individual, belonging to the okama giant race. With the Oshi Oshi no Mi Devil Fruit, Morley can alter the terrain, causing the ground to quake, shift, and undulate, attacking adversaries.

Moreover, Morley’s abilities prove beneficial for allies, as they can create caves for hiding or open paths for infiltrating enemy strongholds. While imprisoned in Impel Down, Morley used these abilities to create a secret level 5.5 in the prison.

Lindbergh – Fleet Commander in the South Blue

A member of the Mink tribe, Lindbergh possesses innate powerful combat abilities and the unique capability to undergo Sulong transformation.

Beyond combat prowess, Lindbergh exhibits exceptional intelligence, serving as the chief architect of numerous technologically advanced weapons that pose a significant threat to the Revolutionary Army. Lindbergh is often regarded as the Vegapunk of the Revolutionary Army due to this expertise.

Karasu – Fleet Commander in the North Blue

Karasu’s Devil Fruit power remains undisclosed, but it grants the ability to transform and split the body into a swarm of crows. Karasu employed this power to resist the Red-Haired Pirates’ attacks, with the crows grabbing their weapons, providing an opportunity for the people of Lulusia to fight back.

This ability is highly suitable for espionage and gathering information. Each crow is a separate extension of Karasu, not only capable of flight but also communication, relaying information and messages to allies.

Emporio Ivankov – Fleet Commander in the Grand Line

As the Fleet Commander of the Grand Line, Ivankov holds the power to manipulate the hormones inside a person’s body. Ivankov can change a person’s gender at the genetic and cellular levels, enhancing recovery speed, toxin resistance, and combat capabilities.


As of now, the Revolutionary Army comprises 13 members, with names known for only 8 individuals, including Bartholomew Kuma (a spy embedded in the Shichibukai), Inazuma (Grand Line Fleet Commander), Koala, Ahiru (East Blue Fleet Commander), Hack, Terry Gilteo, Bunny Joe, and Raise Max.

This comprehensive overview provides fundamental insights into the activities and members of the One Piece Revolutionary Army. With the ongoing turbulence in Wano Country, many fans eagerly anticipate the Revolutionary Army’s appearance, anticipating their collaboration with the Straw Hat Pirates to counter the Yonko Kaido and the World Government, ultimately liberating Wano Country.

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